Welt im Bild 71/1953 04.11.1953


01 New York: 8 years United Nations, Eleanor Roosevelt woman Lakschmi Pandit presented the President of the United Nations gift. Lectern woman Lakschmi talks Pandit original sound (übersprochen). Listeners applaud.

02. Cairo: Revolutionary Tribunal sentenced 3 hired the former Ministry of war for espionage to death. Prison. The defendants between guards hear the verdict.

03. Berlin: Changing of the guard at Spandau French military band plays. Russian guards marching. The French Commander passes the command to the Russians. Berlin as a spectator at the ceremony. Russian soldiers marching in the prison. Replacement on watchtower. March of the French guards.

04. Paris: Friendship Treaty France - Laos at the Elysee Palace the King of Laos and President Auriol sign friendship treaty. Handshake of the King of Laos with Vincent Auriol and Josef Laniel.

05. Madrid: 20th anniversary of the Falange rally at Stadium: Franco, great. People picture filling Franco to waving handkerchiefs. Mass pre-accession March.

06. New York: Triumphant reception for General Dean ticker-tape parade for General Dean on Broadway. Ceremony before the Town Hall. General Dean puts the honours on a simple GI.

07. modern buildings the glass Black Forest Hall in Karlsruhe. Modern new building block with staggered balconies in Berlin and the 15-story high Contihaus in Hanover. Contihaus illuminated in the evening.

8th New York: Harbor patrol with airship Zeppelin flying over the port. Aerial view of New York City, ships. Radio operator in the air ship radio messages. Aerial view of the statue of liberty. The shadow of the Zeppelin passes the statue of liberty.

09 Italy: micro painting painter in the manufacture of the graphs with magnifying glass. Glasses and big eyes. Eye behind Magnifier enlarges. Small paintings in addition to postage stamp. Motives of the painting enlarged.

10 Dortmund: Smoking competition young couple goes on road and sees smoke behind window. Young man rushes to fire alarms and alerted the fire department. Young woman ringing on your doorstep. Call arrives at Fire Department Headquarters. Firefighters put on helmets, rise in car and fire exit. Hose is unrolled in front of House. Firefighters see in room puffing away pipe-smoker smoke clouds away at the competition of fast smokers. Winner will receive a bottle of SPIs. Women at the betting smoking with cigars. Two women remove themselves and racing ladies to door with inscription, behind which they disappear 11 France: par force hunting hounds and horsemen. Guests in the clothing of the turn of the century ride in carriages. Trumpeters on horseback blows to leave and is leading the Pack. Hunting with dogs. Blow the Halali. Dogs tear the Curree.

12 Dortmund: Training Nino Valdez, Cuba Nino Valdez, colored boxers from Cuba, in the shadow boxing. Boxing Glove is laced. Sparringskampf. Head exercises, footwork, jump rope. Welcome Heinz Neuhaus - Nino Valdez before box poster. 13 Stockholm: trotting racing display. Viewers with cigarette next to the laughing spectator, large. Start. In the race of Ejadon with Hans Frömming. An old Viewer, great face. Horses in the race. Home stretch. In the final spurt overtaken Hans Frömming with Ejadon the Swedish favourite wonder Mare Francis Bulvark and WINS with 2 lengths ahead. Hand Frömming in the Sulky after victory Gets the Cup.

14 Indiana: Rugby: Georgie tech - Notre Dame game scenes. Player runs with the ball over the field, but then thrown by opposing players to the ground. Litter and breakthrough behind the line. Fierce fighting around the ball. Viewers jump with excitement.

15 Stockholm: Interview with Hamburg's new Mayor Kurt Sieveking in the German legation sits Dr. Kurt Sieveking in his work space in front of mountains of mail and telegrams of congratulations on his election as Mayor of Hamburg. The staff congratulate him. Kurt Sievekingt speaks interview (close-up): "after all, what I hear from Hamburg, yes the campaign seems pretty hard to have been A lot harder than we here can imagine that in the cool Scandinavian North. But that is now over, and now we can make us all back to work. Much is already created in Hamburg in the last few years, but A lot remains still to be done. We Hamburg have stood together always, if it's about the welfare of our city. And so we To want to keep it in the future. I am pleased that I can be again. See you in Hamburg."

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Auriol, Vincent ; Dean, William F. ; Laniel, Joseph ; Pandit, Lakshai ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Sieveking, Kurt ; Frömming, Hans ; Neuhaus, Heinz ; Valdez, Nino


Karlsruhe ; Berlin ; Hanover ; New York ; Dortmund ; Madrid ; France ; Stockholm ; Cairo ; Italy ; Paris ; Indiana ; Holders


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Welt im Bild 71/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: from the politics of New York origin: Metro Cairo, revolutionary tribunal origin: Tele News Spandau, changing of the guard camera: Obeng France Laos origin: Gaumont Franco 20 anniversary d. Falange origin: No.-do Broadway, General Dean origin: Metro world buildings camera: Obeng patrol, port of New York origin: Metro micro painting origin: SEDI pipe smoking camera: basic par force hunting origin: Gaumont Valdez camera: reason, Essmann Traber origin: N. rugby origin: Metro final interview Sieveking camera: Stoll

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