Welt im Bild 57/1953 28.07.1953


1 Hamburg: US cargo ship American inventor brings food for the Eastern New York loaded crates aboard the freighter American inventor. The American inventor in passing in Schulau. People wave. The Hamburg-based flag is raised. Best regards with the American flag. Children wave at the passing of the vessel in Schulau. Applying at the port. Franz Thedieck Secretary of State welcomes the captain of the vessel. Food, mainly flour, fat and milk, will be discharged.

02. Japan: Japanese war crimes are released people wave at arriving ship, where class a war criminals, who were convicted by U.S. courts in the Philippines, return home. The URNs of 17 executed are carried by the ship. The prisoners left the ship and be brought to Tokyo in prison. The first laid-off get out of jail.

03. armistice in Korea gunfire. Cannon fire. Armistice talks in Panmunjon. After the signing of the Armistice, there is a cease-fire. Wounded will transported away by car and helicopter.

04. national holiday in Belgium King Baudouin welcomed war invalids and takes off on national day parade. Marching soldiers. Tanks, guns. The official gallery of the British Air Attaché Colonel Peter Townsend, big.

05. Hamburg: launching of the largest tanker in the world Tina Onassis - 45,000 t Howaldtwerft. Crowd at the naming. Flags. Rear of the vessel with the name Tina Onassis. Aristotle Onassis, with his wife Tina and their children, Alexander and Christina (2 ½ years old). It mentions the Howaldtswerke (no interview) Director General Dr. Schecker. Listeners applaud. Shipyard workers gossip. The ship glides from the slipway. Aristotle Onassis laughing.

06. Bremen: reparation cargo ship takes over Jewish freighter Haifa at Skeppsbron. Jewish flag. Loading of 5000 t tyre levers for Israel. The Israeli Ambassador Dr. Shinnar receives Senate President Kaisen old map of Palestine as a gift.

07. Cologne: Knave Diefenthal pretty girl hats demonstrate close-up: Small Cap. Night cap with Heron spring. Evening hut. Small Velo Urkappe with spring. Heart-shaped Cap. Spring Cap. Flower Cup Cap. Mannequins are kiss.

08. the Hillergirls on Lake Starnberg the Hillergirls go down side by side throwing up the hotel stairs legs and sit on Lawn on chairs. Under trees, workout clothing is handed to them. Gymnastics on the meadow. The girls make bridge, dog runs pass. Leg tracks exercise and balancing act. The legs are relaxed at long range, white dog misses the girl. Fischer takes power. Girl sitting on Jetty on the water, dangling with his legs in the sea. Skipping on the jetty.

09 Augsburg: German Athletics Championships title: viewers, runners, discus thrower, hurdling, high jumper, shot put, Javelin throw. Armband DLV judges, great. Participants. 400 m run: Haas / Nuremberg and Krefeld and ghosts sit at the top. With a small advance runs spirits. Short before the target goes Haas to spirits past us WINS in 47.2 seconds. Viewers with paper helmets. Spectator looks through binoculars. Haas is complimented with a bouquet of flowers. Hammer throw: Karl Wolf / Karlsruhe throws and WINS with 53.9 meters. Javelin throw women: Marlies Müller / Koblenz throws 43.38 m and WINS. 1500 m run: start. 200 meters from the finish Werner Lueg attaches to the final sprint and overhauled his opponent Lawrenz / Berlin and Lamers. Before Lamers, Lueg as winner by the target runs in 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Run by target range. Large audience faces. Among the spectators Vice Chancellor Blücher, half-close. High jump women: Gerschler WINS with 1,57. 5000 m race: Laufer and Schwenningern overtaken shortly before the finish hammer, is German champion. 100 m run: start and run. Fairy / Karlsruhe WINS in 10.6 seconds ahead of Peter Kraus. Werner Fütterer close-up. 80 m hurdles women: In the finish, Maria Sander WINS narrowly in 11.3 seconds. Maria Sander, great. People clap.

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Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Blücher, Franz ; Kaisen, Wilhelm ; Onassis, Alexander ; Shinnar ; Schecker, Theodor ; Thediek, Franz ; Townsend, Peter ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Gerschler, Waldemar ; Geister, Hans ; Haas, Karl Friedrich ; Hesselmann ; Kraus, Peter ; Lamers, Rolf ; Lauer, Martin ; Lawrenz, Olaf ; Lueg, Werner ; Müller, Marlies ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Wolff, Karl


Bremen ; Hamburg ; Starnberg ; Korea ; Japan ; Cologne ; Brussels ; Augsburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dismantling ; Flags ; Leisure, recreation ; Parades ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Korea war ; war crimes, war crimes ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Holiday ; Compensation ; Fashion ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 57/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand "American inventor" food ship camera: Luppa world-Qu.
Origin: Asahi News Japan War crimes released Korea Armistice origin: Asahi news parade in Brussels (Peter Townsend) origin: Belgavox tanker 'Tina Onassis' launch camera: Stoll, Luppa Haifa. 1 broadcast for Israel origin: FS-film Knave Taiefonthal camera: reason, Essmann of Hillergirls Lake Staruberger camera: Kang camera athletics in Augsburg: Starke, cooking end brand

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