Welt im Bild 55/1953 14.07.1953


01 France: Inauguration of the Tignes dam in the Rhone Valley construction site of the dam. Houses in the village of Tignes, Which one had to be evacuated because of dam construction, be canceled. The dam and the power plant. President Auriol at the inauguration of the dam. Auriol lays down Memorial place for the wreath 50 construction workers who died in the work to life. Auriol lays foundation stone for the new village of Tignes on the shore of the reservoir. Interior shots of the power plant with giant turbines. Auriol tour. Switchgear and measurement indicators. Water down from the mountains.

02. Washington: Meeting of Foreign Ministers from the United States, England and France 3-Probellerflugzeug rolls out. Secretary of State Dulles, great. The British Foreign Minister Lord Salisbury gets out and is greeted by Dulles. Lord Salisbury, great. 4-motor-Air France aircraft rolls out. George Bidault goes down stairs. Welcome from Dulles. (Topics of the Conference: Korea and Germany).

03. Berlin: US Ambassador in Moskau Charles Bohlen in Berlin 4 propellers aircraft rolls out. At Tempelhof airfield, U.S. Ambassador Charles Bohlen is welcomed and speaks to journalists. Headline of the Berliner Morgenpost: "Sector lock's favour". West police officer looks through binoculars. Vopos roll away obstacles. Transparent road. With our President Wilhelm Pieck on top for peace, unity and prosperity. The Brandenburg Gate. Front plate: you leave after 40 meters West Berlin.

04. Japan: Flood house roofs sticking out of the water. Residents of the villages in the receding floods are looking for missing people and their possessions. Horse carcasses in the water. Clean-up of debris. Filth is stuffed into baskets. Excavator clears mud to the page.

05. Vatican: The Japanese Crown Prince Akihito with the Pope Akihito enters accompanied by the Palace after a private audience with the Pope. The Swiss guards present. Akihito get in car.

06. Saarbrücken: Day of Saar police motorcycle demonstrations. Police continue standing on one leg on a motorcycle. Jump with the motorcycle about 4 other motorcyclists. Between blind police motorcycle riders. Prime Minister Hoffmann on arrival to the exhibition. Riders bound for motorcycle riders. Police officers stand on boards and are pulled by motorcycles (surfing on the country). Police officer crashes. Award ceremony for the winners of the competition and awarding of trophies.

07 Herford: sash device inventor introduces the model of his sash unit, with moving wings are operated with arm muscle strength. The inventor shows the effects of the natural building. The wing is moving, the device turns but does not move from the ground.

08 Cologne: Appearance of Chair artist Charly Böhm in the imperial court artist takes the Chair in the mouth and balanced Chair. Swing chair between the teeth in the district. Chair throws up and captures him and sits on it. Audience clapping. Artist builds from 17 chairs chair pyramid. Young woman surprised raise hands with black NET gloves to the face. Charly Böhm takes 17 chairs in the mouth and balanced. Viewers still holds glass in his hand. Audience clapping. Artist bow down.

09th Munich: Schlagerparade clapping spectators, half-close. Cornelia Froeboess in cowboy clothes sings Conny with the pony. Original sound. Laughing audience, great. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Cornelia Froeboess bows.

10 Munich: Horse racing in riem racing display. Viewers with betting brochures. Pretty dark-haired audience, great. Start. Standing spectators. Horses in the race. Head to head race the leading horses. Spectator followed the race with the eyes. In the HomeStretch, Levanto pushes forward and WINS in fantastic spurt almost. Thicker viewers. Head of the winning horse. Jockey.

11 Berlin: Avus race formula II: start and target banner advertising Dunlop. Start of the race car. Advertisement at the gang of continental, Bosch. Viewer screen (80,000). Car turns in curve. Ride through the elevated curves. Salvage cars on the racetrack. It wins Jaques Swaters / Belgium Ferrari with 193.5 km / h. Jaques Swaters gets out of car and congratulations. Formula III pile-up in the curve. Car comes out of the car and runs from racetrack. The following cars collide. Spectators close to half. Winner John Cooper / England on Cooper gets set to Ernst Reuter wreath.

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Akihito ; Auriol, Vincent ; Bidault, George ; Böhm, Charly ; Bohlen, Charles ; Bruhns ; Dulles, John Foster ; Froeboess, Cornelia ; Reuter, Ernst ; Cooper, John ; Swaters, Jaques


Cologne ; France ; Berlin ; Washington ; Harford ; Japan ; Tignes ; Saarbrücken ; East Berlin ; Munich ; Vatican ; Herford


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Electricity ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Disasters ; motor sports ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; State visits (inside) ; wreath stoppages ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Architecture ; Buildings in Europe ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 55/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Tignes dam origin: Gaumont world-Qu.

ill Bermuda Conference in Washington origin: Tele News Berlin Bohlen camera: Obeng Aufräumungnd. Flood origin: Asahi news Akihito at the Pope origin: SEDI day d. Saar Police Minister-President Hoffmann origin: Gaumont Schwingflügel device camera: strong steel artist Charly Böhm camera: Basic, Cornelia/Schlagerparade Essmann camera: cooking Bayr. Breeding race camera: P, Koch Avus race camera: Obeng, final brand Builder

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