Welt im Bild 53/1953 30.06.1953


01-Landshut wedding of Prince 1475 pageant. Children waving in the pageant. Marriage of Prince Georg of Bavaria and Princess Hedwig of Poland is celebrated. Knight in armour on horseback. Bride drives in a golden carriage. Groom on litter. Knight races with Lance piercing.

02. years of war in Korea Stacheldrahtverhau from prison camp. Watchtower. Demonstration in Seoul. Protesters demand fighting on to victory and not the Division of the country. On the front is an oil storage in flames after bombardment. Giant sea of flames and clouds of smoke.

03. Paris: New Cabinet imagines the new Cabinet after the Cabinet crisis with President Auriol. Paul Reynaud, George Bidault, Joseph Laniel head of Government of. Cameramen.

04. London: Alcide de Gasperi visited sit Winston Churchill In the garden of Downingsstreet 10 Churchill and de Gasperi and entertain themselves.

05. Munich: set celebration for the rebuilding of the towers of the Church of our Lady the towers of the Church of our Lady with scaffolding. Polishing collects wine glass and drinks. The Scheffler at the party of straightening. Cathedral vicar holds speech.

06. Berlin: Katholikentag shield: caution you leaving night 40 meters West Berlin. In the background the Brandenburg Gate. People come to West Berlin through the Brandenburg Gate. The forest stage full of people. Meßknaben with candles. Bishop West battle talks about the restlessness of modern humans "o" sound: "Is not just our city, my loved ones, our city with its many attractive through a living expression of this resting in our days." Pan across the forest stage.

07. United States: The flying boat tests the U.S. Navy with new boat that has side wings and profits of speed out of the water rises. Test drive.

08 New York: Wedding of Roosevelt's granddaughter with a pianist are people on the street behind barrier. Older women, big faces. The Maria Hilf Church rises the Roosevelt's granddaughter out of the car and enters the Church with her father. After the ceremony, she comes with the bridegroom of the Church. People waving from balconies. The bride and groom.

09 Milan: Brazilian Ballet colored men and women dance Macumba. Hands drumming on drums. Curtain closes.

10 Berlin: Cities-swimming competition Berlin - Copenhagen at the Olympic Stadium are the two Stammmannschaften on the edge of the pool in tracksuits. Spectators close to half. 400 metres crawl ladies: start. Ragnhild Hveger / Denmark swims forward on the 3rd line. Turn. Ragnhild Hveger WINS in 5 minutes 37.2 seconds 100 m crawl men: start. Turning almost common. Lars Larsson swims forward and WINS. Congratulations to the edge of the pool. Wave boys. Art jumping: Jump Bärbel Sangalang and Werner Sobek. The time under a magnifying glass.

11 Longchamps: Horse racing ancestor guests at stranded tension hauled carriages. On the Racecourse gentlemen with gray cylinders. Pretty young woman with a parasol. Ali Khan on the Racecourse going big. Young woman with an elegant hat. In the Gallery of Madame Auriol with a Prince from Africa. Jump start bands. Start. There are 22 horses in the race. Northern lights leads No. 6. Curve with backstretch. People with large binoculars. Home stretch. Northern Lights has yet reserve and attaches to the final sprint. Spectator grandstands, total. Winning horse northern lights schweißbedeckt after the victory.

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Auriol, Vincent ; Bidault, George ; Churchill, Winston ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Khan, Ali ; Laniel, Joseph ; Reynauld, Paul ; Hveger, Ragnhild ; Larsson, Lars ; Sobek, Werner ; Steglich, Bärbel


Munich ; Korea ; Berlin ; France ; New York ; Scotland ; United States ; Milan ; Paris ; London ; Landshut ; Longchamps


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Higher education ; Fire ; musical instruments ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Swimming ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; diving ; Korea war ; People ; Engagement ; festivals ; Foreign policy events ; Construction ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Weekly Newsreel

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Welt im Bild 53/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Landshuter princely wedding camera: P, cooking world Qu.

Korea, Rhee origin: Metro Laniel + origin: Pathé Journal de Gasperi at Churchill origin: Pathe news towers of the Church of our Lady in Munich camera: P, Koch Katholikentag in Berlin camera: Obeng Navy boat origin: paramount Cinderella wedding origin: paramount Macumba Negro dance origin: iNcom sports swimming Copenhagen-Berlin camera: Obeng Longchamp horse racing final brand

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