Welt im Bild 44/1953 26.04.1953


01 Korea: Based on Exchange of prisoners of war wounded North Korean prisoners of war on crutches leaving ship. Wounded US soldier is carried on stretcher. Evacuation of seriously ill patients with helicopters. Red Cross cars. The generals Clark and Taylor welcomed the returnees. Tokyo carried injured by aircraft to the Army Hospital.

02. Paris: Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Atlantic Pact the Eiffel Tower behind flowering branches. At the Eiffel Tower restaurant, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs George Bidault holds a significant speech in which he pleaded for the German unity and the neutralization of Germany. Dulles as a listener, great. Listeners applaud.

03. Italy: children city children and youth help rocks where children's town for orphaned children is to be installed. Trade fair under the open sky.

04. technical exhibition in Hannover exhibition grounds. Surge generator for generating artificial lightning. Stand Detewe (Telefunken). Coner for modern weaving. The Europe's largest gyratory smashed 1000t limestone in the hour. Presentation of a case belt as a safety precaution when working in dangerous locations. Man starts on Demag container. Firefighters spread jump mat. Man jumps. Jump is intercepted by case belt. Man sitting in case belt.

05. Casablanca: New mosque believers outside the mosque. Indoor shots. Muslims go to court. Tower of the mosque.

6 Berchtesgaden: performance test of Shepherd dogs of seated Shepherd dogs on leash. German shepherd dog jumps up at high wall and comes back. Shepherd climbed over the wall and jump down on the other side. Shepherd climbs up the ladder and down. Black German Shepherd, great. Audience clapping. Shepherd dogs jump through burning hoops.

07. Munich: cheese testing cheese wheels are rolled inside. Cheese Auditors make smell and taste.

08. France: Solar furnace in the Pyrenees of large parabolic bundles and concentrated rays of the Sun. The focus is Very much high temperature. Solar energy ignited wooden board.

09 Boston: 157 participants of the race run marathon race on the road. Run with the older men. Small Japanese runs, overhauled top and WINS.

10 Berlin: Football Paris 2-1 on the grandstand sit Berlin - Ernst Reuter and the French city Commander of Berlin. Berlin storms, but loses the ball. Game scenes and battle for the ball. Spectator engages with the hand on the head. Players will fall. Paris shoots the 2:1 goal shortly before the end of the game.

11 catch as catch can catcher with belly and black mask with eye slits in the ring against muscular pretty color. The audience is raging enthusiasm. Old woman presses both thumbs. Maskencatcher crashes to the ground. Viewers with gum in my open mouth, great. Catcher in battle. Colour Catcher is thrown on the back of Maskencatcher and counted. Maskencatcher is victorious in the ring in and. Whistling audience.

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Bidault, George ; Gable, Clark ; Dulles, John Foster ; Reuter, Ernst ; Taylor, Tommy


Hanover ; Paris ; France ; Italy ; Korea ; Munich ; Casablanca ; Berlin ; Boston


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Inventions ; Research ; Football ; Religious events ; Rings ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Korea war ; War, prisoners of war ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Agriculture ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Buildings in Europe ; Agriculture ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 44/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand returning from Korea origin: Metro world Qu.

Bidault, speech at the Eiffel Tower origin: Gaumont kids city & 30000 stones origin: tecan SEDI. Camera trade show in Hannover: Luppa mosque origin: Gaumont performance testing d. shepherds camera: Hafner cheese test camera: Kang solar origin: Gaumont sports title Marathon in Boston origin: Metro soccer: Paris-Berlin camera: Obeng catch as catch can camera: Hafner, cooking end brand

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