Welt im Bild 37/1953 08.03.1953


01 looking back on the life of Joseph Stalin's Kremlin. Stalin at the grave of the dead Lenin in 1924. The Soviet star on the top of the Basilica on the red square, great. Stalin takes off on grandstand parade, great. Russian troops, Marines took. Tehran Conference: American, British and Russian flag flying. Stalin in Tehran next to Roosevelt and Churchill. Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at the Conference of Yalta (decision of the Division of Germany into four occupation zones). Russian, English, and American flag. Stalin on the Conference of Potsdam hand-in-hand with Truman and Churchill. Mass pre-accession March of frantic young people. Stalin waving on grandstand, great. Stalin on the 35th anniversary of the October revolution. His successor Voroshilov, Malenkos, Molotov.

02. rebuilding in the flood plain in the Netherlands flooded land. Men with flow meter measure the speed of run-off water. Repair of the broken levees. Crane drops stones into the sea.

03. Washington: Swearing in of Claire Booth Luce as US Ambassador to Rome Claire Booth Luce is sworn in by the American federal judge. John Foster Dulles stands next to her. Federal judges and foster Dulles To give the hand of Claire Booth Luce.

04. Paris: 12 lipizzaner horses in the Medrano circus lipizzaner horses dressage. Panoramic view from the top of the ring. Horses running figures. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Horse star with ballet skirt Cap dances solo on the Hindlegs.

05. Toy Fair in Nuremberg Märklin rotation machine works. Faerie Tale with moving dolls and animals. Giraffe - dolls cameraman filming. Helicopter flies. Monkey turn cage bars to the side, out, elephant's long trunk. Dog with spinning eyes and mouth is moving.

06. flower battle in San Remo flower car drive through the streets. Pretty girls are flowers among the spectators.

07. Munich: Salvator tapping keg is pierced, tall. Measure jugs are filled. Beer waitresses take the measure pitchers. Invaded Bavaria Chapel in the beer tent. Mayor drink Wang from large beer Stein. People swaying.

8th Munich: International competition of weightlifter Germany - Austria 4:3 Heinz Schattner / Germany, Olympic fourth, presses 265 pounds. Audience clapping. Austrians pushing 245 pounds. Additional weights be mounted outside. Rowing Hausen / Germany at the snatch of 115 kg. Weightlifter dropping weight. Judge. Heinz Schattner encounters 325 pounds. Schattner as overall winner at the award ceremony with porcelain figurine in the arm.

09 New York: New world record over 800 yards start at Madison Square Garden. Run over 800 yards. Time Witfield / United States, Olympic champion over 800 m, overhauled his rivals and is by a large margin with a new world record of 1 minute, 9.5 seconds through the target. Time Witfield after run, great.

10 Kiel: indoor handball Germany - Sweden 9:15 game in the Baltic Hall. Germany at the playback on the throwing circle. Sharp has a shot blocked by goalkeeper. Attack and goal throw Germany. Sweden will attack. Playback on the throwing circle and goal throw, throw on the Swedish goal. Goalkeeper blocks. Isberg is placed on the throwing circle. Referee decides on 7 m throw. Swedish goalkeeper spits in their hands. Goal throw Germany. Swedish gate litters. Viewers applaud half-close.

11 England: steeplechase by Cheltenham start machine goes up. Start. All horses jump over the first, second and third obstacle. No crashes. Jump over the last hurdle before the finish. Jockey loses balance and falls over the neck of the horse to the ground. Jockey Get up and leave the racetrack. On the HomeStretch leading knock hard with a lead by 5 lengths and WINS. Knock the winning horse runs hard with a lead. Viewers with binoculars, large. Jockey descends.

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Booth Luce, Claire ; Churchill, Winston ; Dulles, John Foster ; Lenin, Wladimir ; Malenkow, Georgi ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Stalin, Josef ; Truman, Harry ; Wimmer, Thomas ; Isberg ; Rudershausen ; Schattner, Heinz ; Witfield


Nuremberg ; Moskau ; Bonn ; Munich ; Holland ; Belgrade ; Washington ; San Remo ; Paris ; Kiel ; England ; New York


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Disasters ; Flags ; Musical events ; Parades ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Reviews ; Toys, toys ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; festivals ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; Circus ; Listener ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Buildings in Europe ; Gastronomy ; weight lifting ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 37/1953

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand that was Joseph Stalin + origin: paramount, Metro world Qu.

Reconstruction in Holland origin: Polygoon Secretary Claire Booth Luce origin: Metro Lipizzaner stallions in Paris origin: Pathé journal Toy Fair in Nuremberg camera: strong flower battle in San Remo origin: SEDI Salvator Anstion camera: Kang sports camera Weight-lifter in Munich: Hafner, Luppa, cooking world record over 800 yards: Witfield origin: Metro indoor handball: Sweden Germany camera: Luppa, Stoll obstacle race by Cheltennam origin: Pathe news end brand

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