Welt im Bild 25/1952 14.12.1952


01. Christmas in the mountains the carolers from Oberammergau: great Christmas tree faces cemetery. People go to the cemetery and put candles on the graves. The carolers roam Oberammergau. They wear and turn the large star. Man opens a window. Carolers sing in front of House. Musicians with violin and cello. Farmer's wife baked apples are the children. Fir trees in the snow. The Christmas rifle by Berchtesgaden: Men with firecrackers rifles climb mountain. Loading the guns and shoot the cannon shots.
(64 m) 02 Loccum: opening of the Protestant Academy car driving before. Minister of the Interior instructional gets out. Bishop Lilje shows Hermann Ehlers model of the Academy. Tour with guests through the House. Library, bedrooms. Lilje enlists in the guestbook.
(19 m) 03 Düsseldorf: Farewell to U.S. High Commissioner Donelly Donelly takes glass tray for farewell drink at the airport. Mrs. Donelly, son, daughter and black nanny sitting on the coffee table. Mayor Gockeln presented Donelly coat of arms of Düsseldorf. Waving before aircraft.
(17 m) 04. The ghost clock from Kempten engineer next to the magical clock. Between two sheets of glass, pointer and constellations are built-in. The hands of the clock to move without movement.
(18 m) 5th California: missile tests of the US air force missiles be attached under Jet. Plane taking off. Flight. Disengage the. Missiles, which fly with a trail of fire and hit target.
(18 m) 06 Eisenhower in Korea crowd waving flags. Eisenhower rising from Messenger machine in uniform without insignia with fur hat. Drive it Jeep to the front. Welcome by Syngman Rhee. Eisenhower looks through binoculars. Gun strikes. Major John Eisenhower alongside his father. Food is served from the field kitchen. Eisenhower at dinner and troop units. Took of UN forces before Eisenhower.
(28 m) 07. Barcelona: basketball Spain - US air force 68:49 game and basket throws. Players on the bench. Audience clapping.
(20 m) 8 Madrid: football Spain - Argentina 0-1 shot on the Argentine goal. Goalkeeper keeps. Game scenes in front of the Argentine goal. (Door camera). Densely filled grandstands. Spain storms. Denied by the post. Edge close to the misses. Player enters the network. Half-time score 0:0 Spain storms. Argentina goalkeeper holds. Argentine counterattack. Goalkeeper missed the ball. Shot on goal 1:0 for Argentina. (Door camera) Viewers filling picture.
(28 m) 09 catch as catch can catch as catch can with 6 men in the ring. Wrestler be kicked and thrown against the ropes. A spectator leaps up angrily. Ringer hangs in the rope.

10 Tegernsee: ski training of the German team skiers with skis on his shoulders mountain go up. Runner at departure. Lying on sun loungers in the Sun. Snowball fight.
(26 m)

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Donnelly, Walter ; Ehlers, Hermann ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Eisenhower, John ; Gockeln ; Lehr ; Lilje ; Rhee, Syngman ; Fangio, Manuel


Düsseldorf ; Korea ; California ; Loccum ; Berlin ; Kempten ; Madrid ; Barcelona ; London ; Tegernsee ; Nürburgring


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Basketball ; Inventions ; Research ; Football ; Rockets ; Religious events ; Rings ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Korea war ; Aviation ; Christmas ; Science ; Crew ; Aviation ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 25/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Christmas in the mountains camera: Hafner, Hafner, cooking world cross section title: Loccum, the Protestant Academy camera: Luppa farewell v. Donnelly in Düsseldorf camera: basic magic watch camera: Kang rocket experiments in United States origin: Tele News Eisenhower in Korea origin: Metro sports title: basketball in Barcelona origin: No.-do football: Spain Argentina origin: No.-do ski training on Wall Mount camera: Hafner final brand

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