Welt im Bild 23/1952 01.12.1952


01 children dream of Christmas little girl with doll on the arm goes to bed and falls asleep with the doll next to her. Dream: Doll, tall, with black real hair. P family Mecki in the shop. Two small stiff monkeys Cook on doll stove. Monkey rocks on rocking. Dachshund is rocked in a cradle. Stiff animals. Elephant push cart with elephant's child. Drive trains and cars. Nativity scene.
(45 m) 02. elections at the Saar election posters. People with umbrellas to polling station. Prime Minister Hoffmann chooses. Counting of the ballots.
(22 m) 03 Bergen Belsen: inauguration of Memorial font on 1944-1945 Bergen-Belsen Memorial shield: here lie buried 5000 bodies - here rest 5000 dead. Flags flown to Memorial. US flag next to the Jewish flag, big. Police officers wear wreaths. Heuss lays down the wreath at the Memorial. Heuss alongside Prime Minister Kopf, large. Cross.
(23 m) 04 Ruhr: apartments for miners from Marshall plan funds construction worker hammering on beam. Shield: The Marshall plan here builds a Berarbeitersiedlung with 500 apartments — to strengthen the free world. Setting celebration. Polishing speaks's verdict. Richtkranz is raised.
(15 m) 5th London: kindermoden children demonstrate fashions. Twin girls with carrier trousers. Little boy with short trousers and wide overhanging shirt. Little girl with nylon evening dress. 2 girls with beach trousers and dress. Organza evening dress.
run (19 m) 6 small Chihuahua chihuahua dogs dogs on leash. Man with 5 small dogs on the arm. Small Chihuahua is taken by women out of pocket and apart from Lassy dog. 2 little boys sitting next to Chihuahua in the grass. Small dog knocks down boys.
(16 m) 07. Las Palmas: woman crosses Atlantic in sailing boat, woman is their boat Felicity Ann Plymouth before the exit. They set sail and extends to the Atlantic crossing.
(12 m) 8 Canada: underwater TV camera is sunk in the sea in steel case. Small fish swims on television.
(14 m) 09. Florida: Election of Miss underwater girls go down head under water and beyond short catwalk audience with mask. Winner receives Crown.
(16 m) 10 London: England - Belgium 5-0 soccer game scenes. 1-0 scoring for England. Viewers filling picture. England storms. Belgian goalkeeper holds. English goalkeeper is bored at his gate. 2-0 scoring for England. Audience clapping. England in constant attack. Flank, head ball and scoring 3:0 shooting 4-0. Because of fog and darkness game with white ball. Good goalie parade of Belgian goalkeeper. Shot on goal 5:0 for England.
(40 m) 11 Berlin: six days race poster. Cyclists at the start. Start. Cyclists on the track and when cornering. Hung driver. Advertisement continental. Bell will be rung. Massage of the legs during the break. Cycling in fast motion.
(28 m)

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Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Hoffmann, Johannes ; Kopf, Hinrich


Ruhr area ; Bergen-Belsen ; Mountains ; Borneo ; London ; Canada ; Bonn ; Las Palmas ; Florida ; Saarbrücken ; Nuremberg ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Flags ; Football ; cycling ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Toys, toys ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; Animals (except dogs) ; concentration camp ; Marshall plan ; Elections ; Christmas ; Fashion ; Construction ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Weekly Newsreel

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Welt im Bild 23/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand children's Paradise (a child's Christmas dream) camera: Luppa, Stoll world cross-section Saar elections camera: strong, strong Bergen Belsen/Memorial camera: Stoll, Luppa United States buildings Kindermode chihuahua dogs Ocean sailor underwater TV beauties/underwater football: England Belgium 6 days-running camera: Riske, Obeng final brand

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