Welt im Bild 11/1952 09.09.1952


1st Luxembourg: 1st meeting of the Council of Ministers of the coal and Steel Union in Conference room who chaired by politicians, such as Konrad Adenauer, the 3 months and Robert Schuman. Adenauer speaking standing (original sound is missing). Politicians gossip. Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of 6 underlies. Close-up of Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, de Gasperi. (Entrance in the Saar question between Germany and France will be tried.)
(51 m) 02. Switzerland: 41st Annual meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union parliamentarians from all over the world speaking at meeting. The German delegation with Hermann Ehlers, great. (Tasks of the Union: Trusteeship of the principles of the free world.)
(51 m) 3rd Rome: Count Carlo Sforza + sitting last shots of the former Italian Foreign Minister at his desk.
(51 m) 04. France: Prime Minister Pinay speaks against inflation of the franc pinay before microphones to rally. Fight against the monopoly companies by imports of shock.
(51 m) 05. The Hague: End of the variety Government crisis new Parliament under Prime Minister Drees convenes first cabinet meeting.
(51 m) 6th Tokyo: dissolution of Parliament turbulent scenes during Parliament session. Fisticuffs of opposition politicians. Police intervene. Opposition calls Japan's elections after regaining full sovereignty.
(51 m) 7th Bonn: 3rd anniversary of the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany. National Memorial Day politicians upon arrival to the ceremony in the Federal House. Close-up: Blücher pulls the hat. Jakob Kaiser greets with fingers on the head, Carlo Schmid pulls hat. Adenauer gets out of car. Policemen salute. Heuss has been greeted on arrival before the Bundestag. Hermann Ehlers speaks at ceremony in the Chamber. Erich Ollenhauer as audience, great. Flowered lectern. Deputies clapping.
(15 m) 08 Stuttgart: space exhibition poster of the exhibition: rocket flying over Earth. Model of a spaceship. V rocket. World space suit. Visitors to the exhibition. Different rockets.
(15 m) 09. The Caveman in the Odenwald, cameraman with camera faces disrepair gate. Hermit pits with a short short and beard a cameraman. Fountain of the hermit. Feet with wrapped cloth, great. The hermit, former Hamburg architect Alfred Ellerbrook comes from cave, sits on grindstone and grinds AX. Walking with the dog.
(20 m) 10 Munich: election of the German fashion Queen 1952 mannequins find dresses from collection and go in a row about catwalk. Audience favorite beckons, but jury will select another candidate. The fashion Queen at award ceremony in evening dress.
(15 m) 11 Naples: washable of the street boys boys jump in clothing in the water and swim. A grown-up with falls in the water.
(11 m) 12 Copenhagen: Jitterburg Championships legs a Jitterburg dance couple. Outerwear. Jitterburg dancers.
(13 m) 13. Munich: children's dance school, Suse Böhm little girls stand on bridge railing, use it as a ballet bar and practise. Dance in the Park of the Nymphenburger. Little girls in ballet clothes at screening. Girl puts together Ballet. Dance of the little ballerinas.
(34 m) 14 Schwabach, Germany: German roller art cross country Championships Kürlauf of the winner of the men's Freimuth stone. Pirouette. Audience clapping. Freestyle winner in pair skating Sigrid Knake/Günter Koch, Hannover. Viewers with a straw in your mouth, great. Advertising local art on the side walls of the skating rink.
Cologne (25 m) 15: Cycling - Championship of the standing race poster, great. Close-ups of the standing elite: helmet sets Jean Schorn / Germany,. Jan Pronk / Holland, with helmet, great. Walter Lohmann / Germany, great. Henry Lemoine / France, great. World Champion Verschueren / Holland. Race. Position battles between Verschueren and SAIT. Shortly before the finish, Walter Lohmann overhauled Verschueren and SAIT. Shortly before the finish, overtook Walter Lohmann Verschueren and Jean Schorn and WINS. Viewers bend balustrade and cheer on riders.
(21 m) 16 England: football of Tottenham Hotspur - Cardiff City 2-1 shot on goal for Tottenham. Spectators close to half. Cardiff attacked and taped over the defense. Shot is deflected to the corner. Cardiff shoots corner, head ball on the crossbar. Goalkeeper saves. Audience clapping. Tottenham in the attack. Game in the penalty area and goal 2-0.

17 Munich: Middleweight boxing: Hans Stretz defeated Albert Heyen, Belgium Santana drives here Hamza in the ring in front of himself. Give as a spectator, large. Hamza recedes and goes to the ropes. Melee. Santana is attacking. Hamza falls through the ring ropes to outside. Referee counts. White towel thrown. Hamza climbs through the ropes back and wants to restore the fight. -Winner in the 5th round of Hans Stretz. Hans Stretz in a bathrobe in the ring.
(19 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Blücher, Franz ; Drees, Willem ; Ehlers, Hermann ; Ellerbrook, Hans ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Heuss, Theodor ; Kaiser, Jakob ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Pinay, Antoine ; Sforza ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schuman, Robert ; Heyen, Albert ; Knake, Sigrid ; Koch, Günther ; Lemoine, Henry ; Lohmann, Walter ; Pronk, Jan ; Schorn, Jean ; Stein, Freimuth ; Stretz, Hans ; Verschueren


Stuttgart ; Luxembourg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; France ; Odenwald ; Naples ; Munich ; Copenhagen ; Rome ; Switzerland ; The Hague ; Tokyo ; Schwabach, Germany ; Cologne ; England ; Schabach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Industrial events ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; festivals ; Football ; Photographers ; Police ; cycling ; Rockets ; Skating ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; Dance ; Deaths, funerals ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Curiosities ; festivals ; Foreign policy events ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; finance ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 11/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand off the policy section title: National Memorial Day in Bonn camera: Essmann space exhibition camera: strong Rübezahl (hermit in the Odenwald) camera: strong Miß fashion camera: Cook Naples boy in the water origin: SEDI Jitterbug origin: policy film Suse Böhm school camera: Kang sports title: art skating camera: Cook standing elite football boxes Santana Hamza camera: cooking end brand

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