Welt im Bild 2/1952 08.07.1952


01 shortly before the Olympics, Torchbearers carrying the Olympic flame. Rider accepts the Olympic flame. Two kayakers paddle with the Olympic fire, accompanied by escort boat. The Olympic medals. Reporters at the stadium. The Swedish Royal couple visited the Olympic sites. Diving in the swimming pool. Switzerland: World Champions Sepp Stalder turns his world champion routine on the horizontal bar. England: miracle sprinter McDonald Baily at the race. United States: 110 m hurdles. It wins Harrison Dillard. Harrison Dillard, great. Hamburg: Cameramen of the DW get on plane. Erich Stoll welcomes stewardess and beckons. Finnish airlines propeller plane rolls on.
(50 m 2) Berlin: meeting of the Federation of international of free trade unions meeting at the Berlin Sports Palace. At the lectern Union Leader Sadik. As a listener Luise Schröder, half close, and MdB Franz Neumann. Ernst Reuter speaks, great. After their country signs the representatives of Cuba, the United States, Australia, Barbados, Colombia, China, Spain, France. The President speaks to Sir Vencent Tewson. (Admits Berlin in his fight for the freedom of).
(20 m) 03 Bonn: Finance Minister Schäffer announces the 8 1/3 spiked cigarette on Finance Minister Schäffer is sitting at desk, enough world in the Bild reporter cigarette and speaks interview: "I've made a template the Cabinet. The cigarette will be 20% about cheaper and costs 8 1/3 pennies. I want to protect the legal cigarette production in Germany against smuggling over the border and against smuggling by crew members. I hope that I can reach The same appearance but about through a reduction of the cigarette, and that I make it the cigarette industry possible, in the future without deferral or cancellation requests fully to comply with their tax obligations." Cigarette kiosk. Customers buy single cigarettes. Individual boxes are presented to the selection. Customs officer with binoculars. Customs officials run after smugglers in forest. Discarded bags. Black market. Cigarette bar and boxes are passed in Briefcase and returned the money.
(25 m) 04. Munich: 4th German craftsmen fair economy Minister Erhard and Minister Seidel go through exhibition. Mannequins with fashions. Textiles. Erhard wipes himself with the handkerchief over her head, big. Fashion show. Mannequins show off gowns. Wide brim without head. Audience clapping.
(23 m) 5th New Jersey: Swedish air acrobats artist Jacob goes with motorcycle by rotating ring. Partners swirl in tooth slope.
(10 m) 06. San Francisco: Jet fighter aerobatic jet fighter at the start. Group aerobatics. Fighter jet be directed by radio from the airfield.
(15 m) 7th United States: tank Patton 43 tanks drive by land and by water, avoiding lamp posts and buildings.
(15 m) 8th United States: weight lifting Weight-lifter lift weights. World champion John Davis tackle 172 kg.
(15 m) 09 Augsburg: Deutsche bowling Championship bowler during the cast. All the cones fall over to the medium. Young man restores on cone with your hand. Ball rolls back on track. Make a note of the litter. Throw of the German Champion Elfriede Lutz. All 9 congratulations for Elfriede Lutz fall after the throw.
(17 m) 10 Wimbledon: Tennis Championships women's final: Maureen Connolly / United States (17 years) plays against Louise Brough / United States. Screen and half close clapping audience. Premium Louise brough. Maureen Connolly won in two sets. Players run after game on the net. The Duchess of Kent handed over large dish as a winning prize.
(25 m) 11 Stuttgart: greyhound racing greyhounds running from Shack behind false Hare. Spectators, great. The winner.
(13 m) 12th Berlin. German Swimming Championships 200 m Dolphin men: Herbert Klein leads by a large margin. He strikes as the winner and turns around after tracker, which is only 11 seconds later. Time: 2 minutes/34.3 seconds. Herbert Klein receives congratulations at award ceremony. 100 m crawl men: start and swimming. 3 float hit almost at the same time. Was won by Paul Völl / Rheydt. Diving men: jump of winner g / Munich. The time under a magnifying glass. Springboard men: jump of winner Hans Aderholt / Gardner, the time under a magnifying glass.
(27 m)

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Aderholt-Gronau ; Bailey, Mac Donald ; Brough, Louise ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Johannsson ; Luise von Schweden ; Marina von Kent ; Neumann, Franz ; Reuter, Ernst ; Seidel, Dietrich ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Scharnowsky ; Schröder, Luise ; Stoll, Erich ; Tewson, Vincent ; Conolly, Maureen ; Davis, John ; Dillard, Harrison ; Gaier ; Klein, Herbert ; Lutz, Elfriede ; Stalder, Josef ; Völl, Paul


New Jersey ; Munich ; Hamburg ; San Francisco ; Berlin ; Bonn ; United States ; Aachen ; Wimbledon ; Augsburg ; Switzerland ; England ; Helsinki ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Craft ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Olympics ; Photographers ; Smoking ; exchange market ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Tennis ; diving ; Gymnastics ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Weapons ; greyhound racing ; Customs ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Architecture ; Exhibitions ; Trade unions ; weight lifting ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 2/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Sprint to the Olympics origin: archive section international unions camera: Obeng Schäffer cigarette camera: Pehlke Handwerksmesse in Munich camera: Cook air acrobats origin: Metro Jet origin: Metro new tank origin: Metro sports weightlifter origin: Metro bowling camera: basic tennis Wimbledon women origin: Pathe news greyhound racing camera: strong Swimming Championship camera: Obeng final brand

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