Emelka- u. Tobismelofilmwochenschau Einzelsujets ca.1928-1931 1931

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1 subtitles: French Ministers visit to Berlin - Laval and Briand reciprocate the visit of German Minister in Paris (Tobis-Melofilm) image: Laval and Briand come out of a building (28.9.1931). Welcome by the crowd, Polizeisperern hold back the crowd.
Close up of the delegation. Both get in the car and drive off.
Call "Viva la France" can be clearly heard.
A group of people running after the car the road.

2. subtitles: The two Ministers were upon arrival at the Hotel Adlon lively welcomed image: arrival of the car at the hotel. Exit from the car. You get both in the hotel.
Recording of the road under den Linden, heavy traffic.
The Minister blickem out the hotel window to the crowd waiting at the bottom of the Pariser Platz. They are both on the balcony.

3. subtitles: on the second day of her visit found the reception with the President instead of image: Laval and Briand left the Presidential Palace building No. 73 and drive 4 subheads in the city: before new Oceanflügen - Thea Rasche tested in New York their new machine, which she want to dare the Europe flight. (Emelka week)
Image: Thea Rasche in aircraft gear standing before her plane. Close-up of you laughing into the camera. Start.

5. subtitles: The new cruiser "Cologne" was baptized before our Navy in Wilhelmshaven and image passed his element (Emelka week): the Cruiser "Cologne" in the picture. , As intervention of the Admiralty.
Festive champagne baptism begins launching, the ship was allowed to water.

6 subheads: After founding fathers art - Büttner dance and Bill Bart running to honor Albrecht Dürer's in Nuremberg (Emelka week) image: Festival on the market in Nuremberg, Büttner dance in the picture.
Speech by (EV. «««Mayor?), a man hands him a mug and he drinks from it.
Soldiers in historic uniform marching in the streets of Nuremberg.

7 subtitles: Jason moves... - known bronze group from the Berlin Zoo is managed to Leipzig, where she will finally find site. (Emelka week)
Image: Workers trust the bronze group for the transport, loading and transport 8.Zwischentitel: skilful feet - an American disability who... lost both arms in the war (Emelka week)
Image: On a stage a disabled war veteran with his feet introduces skill exercises, such as shooting off a cigarette holder from the partner.; Shooting by candlelight.

9 indignation subtitles: Double standard - Hamburg gas stores-great, - but in domestic training in the gas war... (Emelka week)
Image: Training young soldiers in the use of gas masks. A staged attack.

10 subtitles: Pentecost in the Harz mountains - 6000 people storming on 4000 D-wheels to the brocken (Emelka week) image: masses of motorcycle riders in the resin on the road. Waving at the camera 11 intertitles: A "small" traffic congestion...
Image: a traffic jam on a forest road. On the brocken. Visitors to the Mountain House.
Motorcycle riders in a cosy breaks scene. An older organ player.
Walkers in the image.

12 intertitles: Royal Ballet - England intends to take over the tradition of the old Russian Ballet and maintain image (Emelka week): children, young Veglia in ballet class.
A demonstration in the Ballet.

13 subheads:-Free despite captivity - the prey of animal fishing expedition Dr. Stern in the new natural garden of the Berlin Zoo. (Emelka week)
Image: A giraffe family in the enclosures. Feeding. Zebraas, hippos, monkeys, Lion Cubs.

Persons in the Film

Laval, Pierre ; Rasche, Thea


Leipzig ; New York / Staat ; Brocken ; Nürnberg ; Wilhelmshaven ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie


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Emelka- u. Tobismelofilmwochenschau Einzelsujets ca.1928-1931

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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