Die Zerstörungen in St. Quentin 1917


1 subtitles: streetscapes.
Image: St. Quentin with German soldiers on the streets;
2. subheads: Place you huit Octobre image: place overlooking the building bar 8 October 3 subtitles: view of Avenue Faidherbe image: pan across the street.
4. subheads: Shattered brick houses in the Boulevard Victor Hugo.
Image: ruins of houses.
5. subtitles: The destroyed warehouse of Seret Frères.
Image: Ruins of the Department store from different Kameraposituionen;
6 subtitles: New results at the St. Martin's Church.
Image: war damage to the church building;
7 subtitles: Shattered brick rue de Paris.
Image: Ruins and debris on the side of the road.
8 subtitles: Exterior and interior of the destroyed Museum Lecuyer.
Image: Ruins of the Museum Lecuyer;
9 subtitles: The shattered brick Rue St. Jean.
Image: Ruins and debris on the side of the road.
10 subtitles: In the garden of the Maison de retraite of the Religieuses de la Croix. Picture: debris in the garden of the nursing home; Statue with a cross; the collapsed buildings.;
11 subtitles: The great French War Memorial in the cemetery of St. Quentin. "A la memoire of the soldats morts pour la France." Ruined tombs.
Image: Broken grave stones and Gabmale in the cemetery;
12 intertitles: Traces of enemy grenades directly close to the Justitzpalastes; in the background of North West side of the Cathedral.
Image: grenade hits in buildings; Swivel on House wall with advertising signs;
13 subtitles (in Bufa frame): while German artillery to defend the city against their destroyer, a n put incessantly in the French Church f r z ö s i s c h e grenades.
14 subtitles: West side of the Cathedral with destroyed cast.
Image: Detailed, detailed descriptions of the destruction of the Gothic Cathedral.
15 subtitles: The shattered brick southwest corner of the Cathedral.
Image: Destroyed wall.
16. Subtitles: South West view of the Cathedral Tower and roof where you can see the new hit, especially in the roof and the window of the transept, clearly.
Image: Damage to Tower, roof and Windows.


Saint-Quentin (Saint-Quentin)


Destruction ; First world war ; France ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S)

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Die Zerstörungen in St. Quentin

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 15.08.1917


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