Wie Frankreich das Elsass befreit 1917


The subheads describing the content of the film.
1 subtitles: As in Flanders, the towers of the houses of worship are the popular targets of French artillery in Alsace.
2. subheads: More than a jewel of Romanesque monastery architecture is already in ruins.
3. subtitles: House of worship - the hut of French Church violence!
4. subtitles: The roof of the peaceful sacristy - only charred rafters and hanging tiles.
5. intertitles: a pious pen at the border of Alsace housed several hundred of unhappy mental patient.
6 subheads: With full intention the enemy finished the House of the unfortunate with his fire projectiles.
7 subtitles: Hardly managed to salvage the insane inmates from the Inferno.
8 subtitles: French batteries again laid also the collegiate church in debris.
9 subtitles: Only broken walls are from the ones with burned-out Windows.
10. Subtitles: The trajectory of the bullets laid down row after row houses of the small border town of...
11 subtitles:... to the cowardly bombardments in the Catholic Church found their target.
12 intertitles: Organ and pews and fallen columns fill the Interior of the Church shot up.
13 subtitles: The Evangelical Church was the other victim of the enemy, who hypocritically the bombardment of Reims accuses the German army command, whose Plattform served the line of the French fire.
14 subtitles: Hard the the well defended border towns lie on the enemy.
15 subtitles: No church is more intact and open to silent war prayer.
16 subtitles: German soldier graves arch between the pile of debris in the fire zone.
17 subtitles: Seeking new defenseless targets the enemy put his fire on open towns.
18 subtitles: their times are hard.
19 subtitles: With shrapnel Nell shots, he off sprinkled the twisty lanes...
20. Subtitles:... without the "Red Cross" on the roof of spinning, in whose halls were German wounded.
21 subtitles: Grenades against Alsatian cities, monasteries, churches, and hospitals...
22 subtitles:... This is the warfare of the French on the border of the German Alsace, they fight for the "liberation"-!


Mulhouse (Mulhouse)


Propaganda ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg) ; Alsace ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war




Propaganda Film (S)

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Wie Frankreich das Elsass befreit

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 15.08.1917

Censorship date: 15.08.1917

Censorship date: 05.10.1917


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