Reporter aus Leidenschaft 1954 1954


Film about the ethics and everyday work of the newsreel cameraman. The topicality is obliged, he respects State secrets and the privacy of citizens. -Cameramen at work: on the roof of the newsreel car passing, railway bridge, Horst Grund at dizzying heights in the reconstruction of the bridge over the Rhine at Cologne-Rodenkirchen (cf. WIB 42 of the 12.04.1953), repair work on the Munich Frauenkirche (cf. WIB 64 16.09. 1953), Erich Stoll at a press event with Konrad Adenauer. The newsreel cameraman tells of the events of the national (17. June 1953 in Berlin, before the headquarters of American forces in Berlin, reporters are rotating ban on Erich Onasch prior to the Allied Control Council in Berlin pushed, Use of the telephoto lens) and international politics (demonstration of Communist students in Japan, political unrest around the world, war in Indochina), natural disasters (floods), attacks (on the Sultan of Morocco Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Arafa 1953) and accidents (parachutists in distress, death flight of pilot John Derry at Farnborough in 1952, death ride of the inventor John Cobb 1953, sinking of the "flying enterprise" 1952, death jump of a skydiver) , Incorrect landing on an aircraft carrier, automatic recording of an aircraft shot down by a guided missile, slow motion recording from the effects of a nuclear bomb tests), attractions (ball, gala dinner, Revue, circus, Carnival, jazz band, knife thrower in the Polesine, children's dance school Suse Böhm, dance tournament) and last but not least Sporting events (Emil Zatopek, gliding, diving in slow motion, ski jumping, slalom ride of Marianne strange, rode, football, car racing, German show jumping Derby in 1953, horse racing, rainfall in the boxing match). The sounds are played to from the archive of the synchronization section. Close-ups of faces in the audience, taken with a telephoto lens.


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad


Filmberichter ; Film (Filmwirtschaft, Filmtechnik; vgl. Fernsehen) ; 04 development Bundesarchiv Koblenz ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH

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Reporter aus Leidenschaft 1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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