Kriegsflieger an der Westfront 1940


Field airfield with several, one after the other starting biplanes "Albatros C".

1 subtitles: Reconnaissance.
Image: A reconnaissance aircraft "LVG C II".
the pilot on the plane;
the observer goes;
The reconnaissance flight through the clouds;
the accompanying protect aircraft is visible;
the observer makes photographs (enemy airfield of bombs);
Aerial view of the town of Laon;
Attack an enemy aircraft and defence by machine-gun fire;
Battle grounds with Garnet funnels and ruins;
the observer Freehand drops a bomb on an enemy target;
2. intertitles: A bombing raid.
Image: ground crews with bombs before a combat aircraft;
the bombs are on the plane "Gotha G V";
the propeller is fired at another combat aircraft (pusher propeller);
Start a combat aircraft to the bombing;
Triggering a bomb;
Explosion at factory;
burning oil tank.
3. subtitles: fighter pilot. Image: Footage of Lieutenant Max Immelmann;
Recordings by Captain Oswald Boelcke;
Boelcke rises in his plane;
Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen with Hans Klein and Bruno Loerzer in the circle of his comrades, including with the aircraft manufacturer Fokker (plainclothes);
with his dog;
with his father;
Richthofen embarks to his triplane (Fokker Dr I);
Richthofen creates the flyer special clothing as protection against the cold at high altitude: fur pants, leather jacket and hood;
the engine is oiled and then dumped at;
Richthofen with his season captains;
Start Richthofen;
Machine of a downed Englishman;
Richthofen is one of the strikes on the motor of the enemy machine;
Richthofen with the downed Englishman;
Award of the wounded Richthofen front by Kaiser Wilhelm II.;
Aviator first lieutenant Hermann Göring with Oberleutnant Wolf in the circle of his world war comrade;
Göring and Bruno Loerzer, the commanders of squadrons I and II;
Alarm on a field aerodrome;
Flak on truck goes into firing position;
Fighters start "Fokker D VII";
Launch of a captive balloons, keeps observers; save himself with a parachute
four fighter aircraft in the approach;
Dogfight between a German and an English machine;
Bounce of the enemy hunt Aviator with the parachute;
the enemy machine Burns;
Landing the winning aircraft "Albatros C V" (with Hermann Göring).


Persons in the Film

Boelcke, Oswald ; Richthofen von, Manfred Albrecht ; Fokker, Anton Herman Gerard ; Göring, Hermann, Wilhelm ; Wilhelm II.


Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg) ; German Reich (DtR) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr) ; Air Force (Luftwaffe) ; First world war


Educational Film/Informational Film (G)


Military Film (S)

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Kriegsflieger an der Westfront

Aufnahmen aus dem Weltkrieg (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Year of Production:
1914 - 1918


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