Messter-Woche: Einzelsujets 1915-1918 1914


1 subtitles: war stories from the East.
2. subtitles: German train columns at the blown-up new Vistula bridge, the recently up after seven years of construction, with a million and was completed.
3. subtitles: Apart from the blown-up cottage German pioneers have already created a replacement bridge, Which one bears the name "Marshal bridge".
Image: emergency bridge with a sign: "Marshal bridge erb. 1 PI. 11, 4 PI. 3 & 1 Lw.Komp. 6 ".
4. subheads: "Marshal bridge" in the busy traffic.
Image: trucks driving over the emergency bridge.
5. subtitles: The Tsar Castle "Lazienky" in Warsaw.
Image: Views of the Castle Lazienki;
in the foreground a German post with Pickelhaube.
6 subheads: Report of the Supreme military command of the 13. August 1915: Before moving the German marching columns encounter all roads on the flood back Polish rural population as they retreated, carried out with the Russians, but now, because she could No more follow the rather urgent Russian troops, is exposed to the deepest misery.
Image: Troops marching on laden horse-drawn carriage of Polish refugees temporarily;
Soldier with refugee group.
7 subtitles: The fortress of Novo-Georgievsk after taking.
Image: The fortress after taking on the 20.08.1915. 8 subtitles: overlooking the Vistula River on the Citadel of the fortress.
Image: Total across the Vistula over;
Russians caught in the foreground when clean-up work.
9 subtitles: Feed of a Landsturm battalion in Novo-Georgievsk.
Image: Invasion of a Landsturm battalion;
Russians caught in the background at the roadside.
10 subtitles: The entrance of the Fort No.. 2 scene: impact damage to the entrance of the Fort No. 2 11. Intertitles: A look at the first pillbox, whose Geschütz was destroyed by a direct hit.
Image: A destroyed fortress gun.
12 subtitles: As the Russians left their positions on the ramparts of the Fort.
Image: German soldiers in the abandoned position.
13 subtitles: Russian prisoners in the fortress.
14 continually subtitles: New prisoner transports arrive.
Image: Influx of another captured columns.
15 intertitles: Take Jonescu, the former Prime Minister in Romania, Which one is trying to influence the political mood in terms of German enemy now.
Image: The former Romanian Prime Minister take Junescu on a promotional trip.
He gets out of a car with accompaniment.
16 subtitles: war stories from the West. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
17 intertitles: A new position with back cover is built behind shot houses.
18. Intertitles: Teams go to the lunch issue with large pots in the 600 meters past kitchen, to carry the food to the foremost position.
Image: food distribution to German troops on a field kitchen.
19 intertitles: A field position under construction will be visited by State officers.
20 intertitles: A grenade safe observation post.
21 subtitles: machine gun in firing position.
22 subtitles: war stories from the enemy front.
23 subtitles: France.
24 intertitles: Alarm of a French car park at the front.
Image: Wheels and car drive from the large garage.
25 subtitles: The farm "Leomont", in which strong fights took place.
Image. Ruins of the farm Leomont.
26 subheads: General Joffre's brother Kiss an old Elsassen from 1870.
Image: General Joffre distinguishes Alsace;
the car standing with officers.
27 subtitles: Russia.
28 subtitles: on the Caucasian front. Marching out of the 13 Erywanskischen Regiment.
Title: End

Persons in the Film

Joffre, Joseph ; Jonescu, Take




Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Military ; EFG1914 ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg

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Messter-Woche: Einzelsujets 1915-1918

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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