Sujets 1-8 aus Messter-Woche 1918 Nr. 52 1918

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Subjects 1-8 from Messter-Week 1918 No. 52
01.Intermediate title: Demonstration in front of the Chamber of Deputies during the meetings of the revolutionary Imperial Parliament.
02.Intermediate title: Liebknecht speaks
- Karl Liebknecht standing on a trailer and speaking to the masses
03.Intermediate title: People's Representative Barth speaks
- Speakers in the picture
04. Intermediate title: A speaker of the Spartacus Group
- also in the picture
05. Intermediate title: The new men of the Reich Government.
06. Intermediate title: Karl Kautsky, State Secretary at the Foreign Office (only interim title)
07.Intermediate title: Eduard Bernstein, the new Secretary of State of the Reich Treasury
- stays short and goes out of the picture again
08. Intermediate title: Brutus Molkenbuhr, the well-known member of the Executive Council of the Berlin A.- and S.-Council.
-smiles into the camera, surrounded by five other men
09.Intermediate title: The funeral of the victims of the revolution on Dec 6th. (intermediate titles only)
10. Intermediate title: The burial of the coffins in the Victory Hall.
- Funeral march of a large crowd with occasional black flags and a sign with inscription: Flugzeugmeisterei Adlershof. Uniformed men place a wreath of flowers on a coffin.
11. Intermediate title: The flower donations
- Many flower wreaths and their presumed donors, funeral march.
12. Intermediate title: State Secretary of the Reich Food Office Emanuel Wurm speaks.
- Worm stands on a wooden podium, behind a desk and speaks, to the right of him in the picture a man with a hat.
13. Intermediate title: The funeral procession.
-Crowd with many black flags, a sign with inscription: red soldiers' union and a flaffe with inscription: Proletarians of all countries unite A & S. Rat... the driver... Horse-drawn carriages with the decorated coffins
(Subjects 9-13 from Messter-Week 47/1918)


Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Spartakus ; Military ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg


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Sujets 1-8 aus Messter-Woche 1918 Nr. 52

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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