Messter-Woche 1915 - 1918 1915


1 subtitles: English prisoners from the recent fighting are catered for.
Image: British soldiers are in the internment camps in queue to the Board;
upon receipt, they come out again with soup dishes out of the building, go to the camera.
2. subtitles: The prisoners be removed after Germany.
Image: A human train moves slowly forward.
3. subtitles: German artillery holding back an enemy infantry attack by barrage. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Soldiers of field artillery with the loading and firing.
Impacts in the Valley.
4. subheads: Heavy mortar fire and grenade fights.
Image: Impact and detonate the throw mines and grenades on the ground, clouds of smoke.
5. subheads: war stories from the East. The breakthrough battle in Galicia.
6 subtitles: The protestors first Russian position before Tarnopol.
Image: rubble, blasted landscape.
7. Subtitles: Hunters on foot, 200 metres behind the trenches, waiting for the command to intervene in the battle.
Image: Hunters on foot along the edge of the forest before gun pyramids;
in the background a large group of hunters in the foreground their equipment.
8 subtitles: Our troops on the rise.
9 subtitles: Caught in the recent fighting.
Image: Many prisoners standing around, a group of young prisoners saluted in the camera;
captured Russian soldiers in the internment camps;
Camera ride over types of prisoner.
10 subtitles: Exercises with gas masks: up and drop off the masks. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Soldiers in a row when replacing the gas masks.
11 subtitles: An officer checks the masks on a good seat. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Officer testing passes on the series.
12 intertitles: Primitive Foundry of wax candles for the trenches. Recorded by Martin Kopp.
Image: Men at the candle casting.
13. Subtitles: Alert of the coast guard to the bombardment of English torpedo hunters. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Alert of the coast guard in Flanders;
German Navy soldiers run up from a House and a staircase.
14 subtitles: Hard work despite best mood! Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Members of the seaman Regiment at the pipe smoking and joking.
15 intertitles: Balloon defence Cannon before the Mole. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Soldiers stand next to the cannon.
16 subtitles: lunch break of our Blaujacken on the coast. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Sailors are to food;
Sailors at the food from cooking dishes.
17 subtitles: Pioneers in the cleanup in Soldau.
Image: Men in front of a burned-out House;
Walls of the ruins of the houses will be demolished.
18 subtitles: Distribution of Easter gifts to our troops.
Image: Soldiers in the receipt of packets.
19. Intertitles: A conquered enemy tank.
Picture: Demonstration of the captured British tank "F 41" before representatives of the press in Berlin;
Detail shots of the tank;
Soldiers consider English tank grenade.
20 subheads: Batum: the Russian trading steamer drilled by the Turks in the ground.
Image: A half sunken Russian commercial steamer skewed in the port of Batum.
Title: End


Ternopil (Ukraine) ; Berlin ; Działdowo ; Batum


Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Military ; EFG1914 ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg


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Messter-Woche 1915 - 1918

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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