Messter-Woche 1921 01.04.1921

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01 intertitles: Castle Doorn (Netherlands). The Deathplace of the Empress with the Imperial flag to half-mast.
Image: Castle (short) 02 subtitles: the back of the Castle. (The two closed shutters refer to the example of the Empress)
Image: Look to the back of the House; pictured above left the closed shutters (short) 03 subtitles: the Emperor and his Adjutant on an evening stroll in the Park, accompanied by his famous roof dogs.
Image: above mentioned persons (remote setting) on the back of the castle during the walk.

04. subtitles: Senator Baron van Haldenborek with the wreaths of the Dutch Queen and the Senate image: the Senator with cigar in mouth stands on a Hauseingang.Kinder and adults next to him, the action watching.
Panoramic view to the carriage with the passenger door, on the seat of the large wreath lying.

05. subtitles: The departure of the Sonderzuges with the coffin of the Empress (in the last car) from Maarn image: the platform, from a passenger train.

06. subtitles: Elten (German border) the dead Empress returns on German soil. Veterans, warriors, and women's associations, customs officials and schools are trellis image: Elten, the incoming train station. Waiting crowd on the platform, pictured left a flag with black armbands.

07. subtitles: Dr. Kaehler welcomes the Prince and Princess Adalbert Bild: Dr. Kaehler right in the image talk above people, surrounded by a crowd.

08th intertitles: Wildlife Park. Before the Princes Hall gather the members of the Royal House, the princely victims u. s. w. image: above mentioned groups 09 subtitles: new Palace. The tremendous grief Assembly on the terrace and the access Avenue image: The castle building new crowd on the terraces and in the Park.
Close-ups of foreign military, here E.g. Cossack officer etc.

10 subtitles: The huge funeral procession: Chaplain excellence D. of Dryander and clergy image: funeral procession, Church 11 subtitles: the delegation of former officers of the body Regiment image: secondments with wreath and mourning bind on the left uniform Sleeve 12. Subtitles: The hearse of the deceased empress, followed by the former adjutant of General. (The tip of the Bahrtuches carried the order Eagle by Knights of the black)
Image: The hearse in the funeral procession accompanied by 13 intertitles: the Prince of the Royal House, princely victim, Knights of the Black Eagle, former Entourage, dignity carrier and former officials of the justice authorities of image: above mentioned persons 14 subheads: Field marshals and generals of the old army image: above military with wives in veiled / mourning clothes in the picture 15 intertitles: field marshal Hindenburg Bild: von Hindenburg runs with his military. Companion to the already assembled Generalitäsgruppierung and delegation, greeting 16 subtitles: Generalfeldmarschall von Mackensen image: A carriage approaching with above person accompanied travels slowly through the lot 17 subtitles: Grand Admiral von Tirpitz
Image: above mentioned person accompanied by police (K1 mounted policeman and p on foot) and forces.
Funeral procession passed the waiting crowd. Hearse. Horses in black Pall and coat of arms 18 subtitles: excellence of Ludendorff image: in the funeral procession and wife. The imperial family follows 19 intertitles and new Palace li. in the image, crowd on the Terrassengeblände and in the Park, flags and standards: the ancient temple. the last resting place of Empress image: lateral recording, charged mourners embarks in the temple (background recording) antique Temple briefly in the image.

Persons in the Film

Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, Auguste Victoria von ; Hindenburg, Paul von ; Ludendorff, Erich Friedrich Wilhelm ; Mackensen, August von


Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie


Weekly Newsreel

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Messter-Woche 1921

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.04.1921 - 30.04.1921


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