Messter-Wochenschau-Sujets 1917 1917

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1. Intermediate title: War reports from the West
- Soldiers come from the shelters and go to their gun positions in the dune facilities.
- Supply of ammunition to the guns, coastal formation in the picture, dune area
2. Intermediate Title: Getting rid of a Gun
- a protected group is in a hurry
- another gun is placed
3.Intermediate title: Transport of ammunition in the dunes
- Soldiers drive on small transport lores the ammunition approaching a small bridge
4. Intermediate title: Winter delights of our blue jackets
- Military personnel slither around in a fun leisure pose on a frozen lake/shore strip
5. Intermediate Title: Explosion of Earth Mines, leveling an entire enemy trench position.
- Footage of several explosions in the field, in front of the picture a soldier in the protective hole
6. Intermediate title: War reports from the Balkans
7. Intermediate title: Field service in Prilip in the presence of the Commander Excellency Count Dohna.
- a pastor standing in a foliage-like pulpit and speaking to the troops, companies stand in groups around this kanzelähnl. Entities around
- Pan swivel to the guns, the separate firearms, soldiers look into the camera and hold lyrics (?) in hand
- an officer gives Count Dohna message, honorary salute
- March of the companies
- Count Dohna issues small packets. Departure in the wake in an open limousine
8. Intermediate title: Austrian-Hungarian war reports.
9. Intermediate title: Italian theatre of war
10. Intermediate title: The supply of provisions to the mountain positions is associated with great difficulties.
- winter scenery, horse-drawn carriages with luggage and goulash cannons run down a serpentine.
11. Intermediate title: Emperor Carl I, accompanied by the commander of the South-West Army, Field Marshal Archduke Eugene, visits the villages on the Tyrolean Front
- Emperor Carl I and entourage in a satdt, waving crowd, population of a larger city surrounds the emperor and his entourage.
- a little girl hands over flowers to the emperor and speaks a poem or similar to him, he thanks her.
- Emperor Carl I welcomes military veterans


Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Military ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg


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Messter-Wochenschau-Sujets 1917

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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