Besuch des Vertrauens 1959 1959


Airport Cologne-Bonn, 26.8.1959 Chancellor Dr. Adenauer welcomed the members of the Federal Cabinet, appeared to receive the American President: including gap, eckardt, Erhard, by Brentano, Strauß, Schröder, barley, Seebohm. For the first time, a President of the United States as a friend and interlocutor comes after Germany, Bonn is the first station Eisenhower on his European tour, which will run from Bonn to London and Paris.

The machine ends up, fired a salute. Eisenhower gets out of the machine and is welcomed by Adenauer as first. The American and the German national anthem can be heard. Walking the Ehrenbatallions by army, air force and Navy by Eisenhower, Adenauer and General Heusinger. Welcome and presentation of Cabinet members. The American Secretary of State Herter is accompanied by Eisenhower. Then Eisenhower welcomed the members of the American Embassy in Bonn. Adenauer speaking to welcome and thanked Eisenhower for his coming. Eisenhower thanked for the warm welcome and says among other things literally: "...In my country the name of Adenauer has become the symbol of the determination of the German people, to stay strong and free. In achieving this determination is the American people on his side... "."

Ride by, waving people lined to streets after Godesberg, everywhere people Eisenhower cheer. The villages are decorated, banners like: "We trust you" or "The ocean doesn't stop us" and over the streets. Arrival at the US Embassy, where dwells Eisenhower.

The next morning, driving the President through the American settlement and is enthusiastically welcomed by his fellow countrymen.

He visited the President, Prof. Dr. Heuß, in the Villa Hammerschmidt. On the terrace of the House of Eisenhower, Heuß and its successor are Dr. Heinrich Lübke, the press photographer. Views of the Rhine.

Drive to the Palais Schaumburg, warm welcome from Adenauer. The Cabinet members have gathered to honor the President, as the Mayor of Bonn and Godesberg. Eisenhower is registered in the Golden Book of the city of Bonn. Eisenhower and Adenauer on the terrace make the press photographers before the start of the political talks.

Eisenhower travels to a press conference in the Foreign Ministry. It is the 1st Press Conference gave the Eisenhower depending on a foreign trip. Eckardt's Secretary opened the Conference and thanked Eisenhower that he has enabled this Conference. Then Eisenhower says among other things that there can be no question new Berlin proposals. The previous time for conversations with Adenauer was too short. He will postpone his departure therefore until the last minute to have as A lot time for talks with the German Chancellor at the disposal. He assures the Berliners protecting their freedom again. Eisenhower in detail answered questions of journalists. Then the usual race of the journalists to the latest message, the best photo, the title of treffensten.

After less than 24-hour stay President Eisenhower farewell to Bonn. He hands with each Member of the accompanying escort, before he flies to Cologne-Wahn with Adenauer in a helicopter of the US air force. At the airport the Federal Ministers and officers of the Bundeswehr have gathered, to Eisenhower to say goodbye. Once again walking a company through Hay singer, Eisenhower, Adenauer and Strauß. Eisenhower approved of President Radhouane and Erhard Cabinet members, gap, Lemmer, eckardt. Kids present him with flowers and the national anthems of the two countries connected in friendship, decide the farewell ceremony. A last warm handshake confirmed the match and the friendly Alliance of between the two countries. Source: sighting log Koblenz


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Eisenhower, Dwight David ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; von Eckardt, Felix ; Lücke, Paul ; von Brentano di Tremezzo, Heinrich ; Gerstenmeier, Eugen Karl Albrecht ; Seebohm, Hans-Christoph ; Heusinger, Adolf ; Herter, Christian Archibald ; Daniels, Wilhelm ; Lemmer, Ernst ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Adenauer, Konrad


Bad Godesberg ; Bundeswehr ; Rhein (Fluss) ; Zeremonie ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Berlin ; Bundespräsident ; Presse ; Auswärtiges Amt ; Flugplatz Köln-Bonn ; Bundeskabinett ; US-Präsident ; Militärische Ehren ; Amerikanische Siedlung ; Jubel ; Transparente ; Bundestagspräsident ; Pressefotograf ; Politische Gespräche ; Deutsch-Amerikanische Beziehungen ; Eskorte ; Köln-Wahn ; Policy ; Journalist ; Palais Schaumburg (Bonn) ; Pressekonferenz ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; 1949-1961 (Gesamtzeitraum; von deutschen Staatengründungen bis Berliner Mauerbau) ; Foreign policy ; Head of State ; Ehrenbatallione ; Bonn ; State visit ; Präsident ; 01 16 mm project ; 04 development Bundesarchiv Koblenz ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH


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Besuch des Vertrauens 1959

Dwight D. Eisenhower in Bonn (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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