Messter-Woche 12/1915 1915


1 subtitles: Italy: Avezzano again blossoms from the ruins of the earthquake...

Image: reconstruction work after the earthquake in Avezzano.
2. subtitles:... A farmer who was buried under the rubble for 24 hours.
3. subtitles: Berlin: Princess Alexandra Viktoria to Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, wife of August Wilhelm visited the hospital train of the circle down Barmin.
Image: Tour of the hospital train of the circle of Niederbarnim by Princess Alexandra Viktoria (wife of August Wilhelm of Prussia) in Berlin;
Station grounds;
Princess and Entourage arrive;
Men of the German Red Cross in installation;
the Princess enters the hospital train.
4. subtitles: German Landsturm occupied a French town. Shots by Martin Kopp.
Image: Invasion through the streets;
Installation on a place;
Presentation of the rifle.
5. subheads: Alarm and departure an ammunition column.
Image: partly mounted, storm soldiers, from a depot out and on a site where the van with ammunition;
Tensioning and departure of covered vehicles.
6 subheads: war stories from the West.
7 subtitles: As our soldiers in the field Carnival celebrate. Recorded by Martin Kopp.
8 subtitles: war stories from the East.
9 subtitles: Removal of the 200 Russian officers captured in the battle of Elk. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
10 subtitles: The captured Russian Division Commander with Pope. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
11 subtitles: 65000 prisoners of the 10th Russian army after the battle of Elk. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: Move out of the Russian prisoners.
12 intertitles: Distribution of bread to the prisoners, which already 12 days had starved after their testimony. Special recordings of our rapporteur.
Image: German soldiers in the distribution of bread to the Russian prisoners.

Persons in the Film

Preußen von, Alexandra Viktoria


First world war ; German Reich (DtR) ; Prussia (Berlin; Brandenburg: East Prussia, Pomerania, etc. - see synonyms and vgl.o. ; Italy ; France ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; 1915 ; Lyck ; Avezzano ; Berlin ; 27 EFG1914 ; 08 Projekt Erster Weltkrieg

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Messter-Woche 12/1915

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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