Moordämmerung 1952


SF 6 Moor twilight of sw 1952 TC by BETA-DIGI 03786 a film from the development of the emsland, made on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Marshall plan.

10:00:00 10:01:35 bread bread machine, bread slices cut hands. Bauer goes with tractor on the field. Windmill. Loaves are in shop Windows. Map of Northern Germany: Emsland is marked.

10:01:25 10:02:40 moor landscape. Burning Heather. Shepherd with Heidschnucken. Two children from farmhouse / Moor Kate. Moor farmers in Moor Kate. Farmer's wife with veal. Old man is sitting at the table. Old woman sits in an open fire place. Cauldrons over open fire place (close). Moor Kate (outside).

10:02:35 10:04:30 woman comes out of House. Young Moor farmers dig up garden. Young man in the peat. Man pushing cart with peat on wooden planks, tilts from peat charge. Young peat engraver is the bottle baby in the stroller. Woman with shopping bag goes through the Moor. Download. Krämer weighs sugar and there is the woman. Men dig drainage ditches. Frozen and flooded meadows and pastureland. Rushes (close). Horses pull carts and sink it to the belly in the mud. Horse with wooden shoes pulls a plow.

10:04:25 10:05:20 feet in wooden shoes climb up stairs. Service in the village church. Churchgoers before village church. Channel bridge. Settlement houses along the Canal. Frog is located along the Canal (close).

10:05:15 10:06:20 creates drainage trench excavators. Drainage ditch with water. Looking through a sewer pipe on drainage ditch. Workers digging a drainage ditch. Man installed drainage pipes in drainage ditch. Water runs out of cane output in the field. Bauer at the sow on farmland. Machine lifting upper layer from (white peat as a basis for garden soil). Workers at machines that squeeze the white peat into bales.

10:06:15 10:07:05 black peat on assembly line is (outside) tipped out to dry. The dried black peat in Loren is loaded with conveyor belts. Black peat is loaded with a crane on the heaps of power plant. Burning and burning peat in oven. Generators of power plant. Man controlled measuring instruments. High power cable into the power plant. Power pole.

10:07:00 10:09:10 woman hugging man with bicycle. Man drives used with tractors. Lunch break. Moor farmers Trek (outside). Muddy ground (close). Road construction in the bog. Engineers measured moorland. Excavator lifting floor. Men shoveling sand into ditch. Loren are dumped with sand. Bulldozers push along sand. Road construction workers attach "Sand bags" with stones and matching cut stones. Diesel roller mounted stones on the ground. Thin layer of tar is sprayed on fortified stone, split thrown in and roller rolls out layers.

10:09:05 10:10:00 man throws pieces of peat on a wheelbarrow. Oil rig (Pan). Workers drilling for oil and natural gas. Drilling rig (from below). Pump bucks for oil production. Oil refinery.

10:09:55 10:11:55 clouds in the sky. Moorland. Slow worm (close). Huge blades turn back ground. Workers operate machines.

10:11:50 10:14:05 map of Rüdertwist. Man explains inter alia with pipe work in the mud with the help of the Marshall plan. Arable. Grain field. Horse cart rides through grain field, through settlement. New settlements under construction. Sign at construction site: "Here the Marshall Plan helped". Power cable lead to houses. Settler couple goes to horse carts, moving truck. New Siedlerhaus. Family sitting at the table while eating. Woman cuts bread. Hand bread cutting. Couple goes through burning Heather. Giant plow in the bog.

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