Partner der Freiheit 1957 1957


United States, New York propeller before clouds, indoors in the aircraft: Konrad Adenauer in conversation with Felix von Eckardt, Adenauer in conversation with the captain in the pulpit, aerial photographs of New York, Adenauer leaves accompanied by daughter Libeth the plane, greeting with Ambassador to the United States Dr. Heinz Krekeler, cameramen and journalists, Adenauer's speech on the Airport (interview).
Adenauer city shots New York enters a car with the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States, downhill, banged. New York Office of care organization, Adenauer, and daughter Libeth during the tour.
Drive in front of the Goethe House in the 5 th Avenue, Konrad Adenauer visited accompanied by the High Commissioner of the United States in Germany John A. MC Cloy the library.
Plaque on wooden posts with inscription "Gettysburg, named for...", landing plane, greeting of the Chancellor by the American General John S.D.. Eisenhower jr., drive to Eisenhower's farm, conversation between Adenauer and Eisenhower Eisenhower outdoor shows Adenauer his herds of cattle and stables.
Right of way the car kolone before the State's Department, Adenauer in the House, conversation between Adenauer, Secretary of State of the United States of John Foster Dulles and Heinrich von Brentano standing at a desk.
Go to the entrance of the building White House (exterior), Vice President of the United States Richard Nixon and wife, Heinrich von Brentano, Dr. Heinz Krekeler, John A. Mc Cloy, John Foster Dulles and Felix von Eckardt, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer is welcomed at the entrance of the U.S. President Dwigth D. Eisenhower and his wife, Adenauer kisses Mrs. Eisenhower hand, image for the press on the steps of the White House.
Adenauer gets out of car to a meeting in the home of the President Diwght D. Eisenhower, Adenauer and Eisenhower sitting at a table, John Foster Dulles and Henry v. Brentano stand behind it. Adenauer appears at the entrance of the Capitol, at the entrance to the House of representatives Members rise up from their seats and applaud, Adenauer on the lectern (original sound).

Ringing peace Bell, Konrad Adenauer Berlin takes part in the funeral ceremony for the victims of the June of 17, at the lectern, Brandenburg Gate.
Door with inscription: Conference room, Salle de Conferences, and the same in Russian letters.
Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the four great powers in Jan. 1954 in Berlin, including Minister of Foreign Affairs of Soviet Union of W. M. Molotov and the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union are seen Kosygin at the negotiating table.

Bonn in the presence of the German Chancellor is by a train of manslaughter on May 5, 1955 the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany before the Palais Schaumburg hoisted, music band.

Geneva Summit meeting of the four major powers in July 1955, building of the United Nations, including Britain's Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, Prime Minister of the Sowejtunion N. A. Bulganin, John Foster Dulles, Dwight D. Eisenhower Moskau Adenauer for his arrival at the Moscow airport in September 1955 with the car to the Kremlin, Adenauer and Bulganin join hands over the negotiating table.

Ringing peace Bell, buses with German prisoners of war from Russia, open bearings with Nissen huts, a Turnpike. Circumstances in Hungary and Poland in 1956, tanks in front of a church, anti-aircraft gun in a street strewn with barricades.

Trucks of the German Red Cross (DRK), food in the open air.

Adenauer presented awards to DRC staff.

Saarbrücken arrival of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer on the station on Jan. 1, 1957, drive through a cheering crowd.

Berlin Conference of deputies of 14 NATO States (1955), before and in the Conference room to see the flags of the participating countries including Lloyd Selwyn, John Foster Dulles, Konrad Adenauer, and Wilhelm Grewe are. Continuation of the speech of the Chancellor before the House of representatives (original sound).
Adenauer misses the applauding delegates.

Arlington Adenauer the hero cemetery Arlington wreath down Hang up the German military attaché, are playing the German national anthem.

Departure salute to Europe, honor guard companies, Adenauer moves off the front of a company, mount gun salutes, departure of the aircraft.

Source: sighting log Koblenz.

Persons in the Film

Bulganin, Nikolai Alexandrowitsch ; Grewe, Friedrich Wilhelm ; Eisenhower, Dwight David ; Nixon, Richard Milhous ; Werhahn-Adenauer, Libet ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Eckardt, Felix von ; Krekeler, Heinz ; Molotow, Wjatscheslaw Michailowitsch ; McCloy, John Jay ; Dulles, John Foster ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Gromyko, Andrei Andrejewitsch


Kreml ; Saarbrücken ; NATO ; Außenministerkonferenz ; USA ; Weißes Haus ; Deutschland ; Berlin ; Brandenburger Tor (Berlin) ; Moskau ; New York (Stadt) ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH

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Partner der Freiheit 1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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