Messter Woche 1920 1920

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01 intertitles: Spaa (Belgium). Coal negotiations with the allies: The German labor leader hue (SPD), Pieper (USPD) and Imbusch (Ztr.), and Leg.Rat Bodenstädt.
(Subject no. 1 © week 1920 No. 27) 02 intertitles: international journalists assail the Conference Secretary in front of the Villa "La Traineuse" for an interview.
03. subtitles: Hotel Annette de Lubin, the German Headquarters during the Conference.
04. subtitles: The Belgian Minister of for Foreign Affairs, Hymans.
05. subtitles: The Japanese agents 06 Intertitle: Baron Chinda Lord Curzon, England 07. subtitles: Lord d' Abernon, British Envoy to Berlin and Mr. Henderson.
08 intertitles: General Foch with its staff 09 intertitles in: General Mojlinse, Belgian Commander 10 intertitles: Admiral Lavavasseur, France 11 intertitles: Nazi Minister Gessler and Rod 12 intertitles in: General Nollet by the French Mission Berlin 13 intertitles: General Bingham of the British Mission in Berlin 14 intertitles in: General by Seeckt with 15 of his iron intertitles: the German representative at the Conference: the Chancellor Fehrenbach in front of his villa (Sorbier) with Councilor Puck ACE 16 Intertitle: legation Councillor Reinhardt 17 and German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Simons Intertitle: Vice Chancellor and Minister of Justice Dr. Heinze 18 intertitles in: Reich Minister of Economics Dr. Scholz and nutrition Minister Dr. Hermes 19 subheads: Before the German headquarters. Arrival of the representative of German industry and financial: Dr. Rathenau, ex Director of Straus (Deutsche Bank). Bernhard Dernburg and Hugo Stinnes.
20 subheads: The German finance and economy group: Director of Stauss, Dr. Melchior, Bez.Amtmann Haneef, Caspar, State Secretary Schröder, Dr. Rathenau, Dr. Dernburg, Director of Stockhammer, go. Rat Arnold, Prof. Bonn, Ministerialrat Dr. Alhassan. In the middle of Nazi Minister of Finance Dr. Wirth.
21 subtitles: Hugo Stinnes travels to the Conference

Persons in the Film

Fehrenbach, Konstantin ; Stinnes, Hugo ; Wirth, Josef Carl ; Simons, Walter ; Imbusch, Heinrich ; Hymans, Paul ; Hue, Otto ; Pieper, Heinrich ; Rathenau, Walther ; Gessler, Otto ; Curzon, George ; Seeckt, Hans von


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Messter Woche 1920

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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