Deulig-Woche 30 (seit 1929) 01.07.1929

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1 subtitles: memorial ceremony at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig by the Federal "Queen Luise".
Image: Battle of Nations monument, invasion by associations, flags of the associations (close-up) 2. intertitles: A 3000-year-old sports field, Persian Kings had already at that time the game of Polo.
Image: polo player (different settings) 3 subtitles: still the millennia there standing stone pillars serve as goals.
Image: likewise.

4. subtitles: The Centre for the nutrition of Berlin, the market hall at Alexanderplatz station.
Image: different settings loaded from consumer goods, swing in the Hall, market Hall, business and bustle on the street.

5. subheads: Modern field order in Australia, the tractor replaced the work of many horses.
Image: Horses for plowing, tractor ploughs, harrows and drill 6 intertitles: A Contortionist 7 intertitles in: draining the Pontine marshes image: tractors (partly steam driven, partly diesel-driven), men before the tractors, tractors of Graduate (presumably she would draw drainage ditches), break from work, large group of people, cars and tractors 8 subtitles: new reinforcements coming to the Manchurian front.
Image: Troops of noni bridge, Sentry 9 intertitles: variety-show image: artists during exercise work most rad high.

10 subtitles: lemon crop in British Guiana image: workers at shaking off and read the lemons, transport baskets, collecting on a factory space, conveyors for transportation of fruits in the factory, lemon Squeezer at work 11 subtitles: most Anhalter station at Berlin short setting of signal boxes, soft and moving trains.


Promotional film ; Agriculture ; Obstbau ; Theatres ; Handel ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz

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Deulig-Woche 30 (seit 1929)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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