Bilder aus der großen Schlacht im Westen VI. Teil 1918


1 subtitles: Bridges destroyed by the enemies will be patched in a hurry.
Image: Pioneer repair a destroyed bridge.
2. subheads: Pioneers in rubber suits clean the stream bed.
Image: Pioneers clean the stream bed of the Lys.
3 subtitles: Emergency bridges troops and baggage followed by the up and coming forward columns.
Image: Infantry and will cross the River on pontoon bridges.
4. subheads: EXC.. Quast of the leader of the army.
Image: The Commander of the 6th Army, General Ferdinand by Quast, comes from a building, goes down a flight of stairs, studied a map and get in the car.
5. subtitles: The Kemmel contrary.
6 subheads: Nieppe. The Church by the narrow change shattered brick.
7 subtitles: Steenwerk.
Image: Destroyed Church and buildings in Steenwerck.
8 subtitles: on the Rückzugsstraßen of the enemy.
Image: retreat road with damaged military equipment and a fallen soldier.
9 subtitles: The heißumstrittene Mont de Lille. Image: Pan (v.r.n.l.) over the area.
10 subtitles: Bailleul. The marketplace for 5tägiger English bombardment.
Image: The ruined marketplace and ruined buildings.
11 subtitles: The ruins of the Church.
Image: The church ruins in Bailleul.
12 intertitles: battle grounds on the Kemmel. Flandrischer fog.
Image: Pan above the ground level in the morning mist.
13 subtitles: Beginning of the German storm on the Kemmel.
Picture: Panoramic view over the battle area;
Rise of German soldiers.
14 subtitles: after the German fire.
Image: by grenade fire destroyed forest.
15 intertitles: Former English accommodation.
Image: Shattered brick and completely destroyed English accommodation.
16 subtitles: French rushed in vain the English to help.
Image: prisoner train with English and French.
17 subtitles: The most successful German tanks "Gretchen" and "Siegfried" return from the battle. Image: German storm tanks of the type "A7V" ride around the grounds;
Soldiers sit and stand on the tanks, waving towards the camera.
18 subtitles: The unsuccessful English coup on Zeebrugge.
Image: coastal landscape with wire obstacles to Zeebrugge, in the foreground two soldiers beside a small gun.
19 subtitles: English attempts to block the harbor traffic, failed as the wide travel channel shows. Already outside the Harbor, the enemy armed merchantman came to sink.
Image: The blockade ships scuttled by the English in the harbour "Thetis", "Intrepid" and "Iphigenia" half sticking out of the water.
20 subheads: Five English small cruisers and several sunken torpedo boats are the result of the English attack.
Image: The scuttled ships;
Camera ride along the pier.
21 subtitles: On board an English shipwrecks. Image: detail shots of the ship wreck;
Sailors of coastal protection on Board of one of the English ship wrecks;
22 subtitles: English torpedo hunted up.
Image: An English torpedo caught up is removed with a horse.

Persons in the Film

Quast von, Ferdinand


Nieppe ; Bailleul ; Zeebrugge (Bruges) ; Steenwerck ; Mont de Lille


First world war ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S)

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Bilder aus der großen Schlacht im Westen VI. Teil

Kämpfe um den Kemmelberg (Additional title)

Bilder aus der großen Schlacht (series title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Year of Production:

Censorship date: 21.09.1921


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