Bilder aus der Schlacht im Westen. V. Teil 1918


1 subtitles: The thrust at armentières, 20 000 prisoners, 200 guns.
Image: Animated map to front histories, and villages.
2. subtitles: German mortar and artillery opened devastating fire on the British positions on 9 April.
Image: mortars and artillery in the attack on British positions grenade strikes on the horizon (barrage), mine explosion.
Film Squad of the image and film Office (BUFA) happening in the battle grounds.
3. subtitles: Our film crews in activity.
Image: film crew of the BUFA misses on fallen soldiers; from the cover of the film reporter turns previous infantry;
4. subtitles: German grenades did their duty.
Image: Artillery destroyed English position with fallen;
5. subtitles: The invincible English tanks.
Image: Shot down British tanks on the battlefield; Soldiers March past on camera;
6. Subtitles: In the boggy terrain of struggle, a thriving only on Rails is possible.
Image: infantry column on the March; Wooden walkways as walkways in the boggy area of the battle; devastated village; Houses ruins by a river, destroyed railway station building of armentieres, soldiers on a street in the city. His bike against the direction of the March (short) pushes soldiers on the ground, civilian with two dogs.
7 subtitles: Richthofen's 75th victory.
Image: English plane wreckage.
8 subtitles: The English military authorities failed to make timely notification to the civilian population; in Estaires, old men, women and children were ruthlessly exposed the horrors of the drum fire.
Image: Flames beat out of a destroyed House.
9 subtitles: Found Instead of fierce street fighting in Estaires. Image: Devastation throughout the city, soldiers stormed through an open road barricade; Ruins of houses on a street; burning destroyed building in the background rider and horse pass; dead civilians and British soldiers are on the streets.
10 subtitles: The train station at MERVILLE.
Photo: station building and track equipment; burning building.
11 subtitles: Portuguese as cannon fodder.
Image: Pan group Portuguese prisoner (close).
12 intertitles: from October 15, 1917 to April 15, 1918 was the prey of the central powers: 517 000 prisoners, 7246 guns, 20 000 machine guns, more than 300 tanks, as well as incalculable material of war.
13 subtitles: Total loot of German troops cleared the home by the amount of a full war bond of their obligation to contribute to the cost of the war.

Persons in the Film

Richthofen von, Manfred Albrecht


Armentières ; Estaires ; MERVILLE


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S)

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Bilder aus der Schlacht im Westen. V. Teil

Die Schlacht bei Armentiéres (Additional title)

Bilder aus der großen Schlacht (series title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 14.06.1918


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