Bilder aus der großen Schlacht IV. Teil. 1918


1 subtitles: on the slope.
Image: infantry columns on the way to the front.
2. subheads: Racing on the road. 5 minutes to sleep.
Image: Racing on the road.
3. subtitles: In peace.
Image: Frontline troops on standby.
4. subtitles: Great cleaning.
Image: Laundry, uniform cleaning.
5. subheads: Shoemaker in the field.
Image: boot repair.
6 subtitles: on the hunt for the "small enemies".
Image: louse hunting.
7 subtitles: Destroyed English hangars.
Image: Destroyed English aircraft hangars.
8 subtitles: on the Somme.
Image: Snap-soldiers on the banks of the Somme.
9 subtitles: Victims of Sommeschlacht. French cemetery.
Picture: French military Cemetery from the Sommeschlacht of 1916-10 subtitles: English Cemetery.
Image: British military Cemetery from the Sommeschlacht of 1916-11 subtitles: the town of Laon is continued under the heavy French artillery fire.
Image: Panorama of the city and Cathedral.
12. Subtitles: View of the Cathedral.
Image: Images from the Cathedral.
13 subtitles: Direct hit in the St. Martin's Church.
Picture: Scenes from the St. Martin's Church and the impact of the grenade.
14 intertitles: A direct hit in the prefecture.
Image: Prefecture with fire damage.
15 intertitles: Desecration of the German soldier graves by our enemies in the us in the spring of 1917 granted area.
16 subtitles: churchyard in Nesle. The wooden crosses are torn out of the enemies for the most part and forcibly broken. Deliberately overturned the tombstones and their inscriptions away tagged beat.
Image: Devastation on the German military cemetery in Nesle.
17 subtitles: churchyard in Roye.
18 subtitles: German graves are separated from the enemies through a fence of wire and roofing of the own.
Image: German soldier graves in the churchyard in Roye.
19 subtitles: The monument of Kaiser Alexander garde-Grenadier Regiment. Image: but due to light conditions the inscriptions unreadable are the monument.
20 subheads: The legendary monument of Queen Augusta garde-Grenadier-Regiment.
Image: Monuments of the Emperor Alexander-garde-Grenadier Regiment and the Queen Augusta guard Grenadier Regiment.
21 subtitles: Tomb built by the Germans in the German and French soldiers rest. On the cross is of the enemies from the inscription: "Here lie the German and French comrades" the word comrade black painted over been.
Image: Cross of a Franco German Massengrabes.
22 subheads: who are the barbarians now -?!


Laon ; Nesle ; Roye


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S)

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Bilder aus der großen Schlacht IV. Teil.

Bilder aus der großen Schlacht (series title)

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 24.04.1918


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