Der Waffenstillstand von Brest-Litowsk 1917


1 subtitles: Arrival of the Russian delegation at the train station in Brest-Litovsk.
2. subheads: Members of the delegation: Joffe, Chairman, Mrs. A. A. Bicenko, Maj. Skalon, Admiral Altvater, Lieutenant-Colonel Fokke, Captain e. p. Lipsky, Kameff, Dolive Dobrowolsky, Karachan, Secretary of the delegation.
Image: Greeting the delegation by the German military (with pimples hoods) on the platform;
the Russian delegates Bicenko and Karachan in conversation.
3. subtitles: Departure of the delegates in their quarters.
Image: The German officers escort the Russian delegates to the available cars;
the Russian delegates get in the car and leave.
4. subheads: before the quarter of the delegates.
Image: Talks between German officers and the Russian delegate;
the Russian delegation enters her quarters.
5. subtitles: Russian delegates go to the session.
Image: Russian delegates entering closed subsequent to the first session.
6. Subtitles: The House where Armistice negotiations were held.
Image: Greeting enter the wooden house, where the negotiations are taking place.
7 subtitles: Woman Bicenko on the way to the meeting.
Image: Anastasija Bicenko (Bizenko) goes alone through the snow constantly to the session.
8 subtitles: Excellence Zeki Pasha goes to trial.
Image: The Ottoman Marshal Zeki Pasha embarks in accompaniment to the proceedings.
9 subtitles: Bulgarian delegates: Colonel Gantschew, Counsellor Dr. Anastasow.
Image: The Bulgarian delegates Colonel Peter Gantschew (uniform) and Counsellor Dr. Theodor Anastasow go to the session.
10 subtitles: General Hoffmann goes with the German and Austro-Hungarian representative to the session.
Image: General Max Hoffmann (front, left) with the German and Austro-Hungarian representative.
11 subtitles: Signing of the Armistice Agreement by Prince Leopold of Bavaria. Image: still photo of the signing of the Treaty by the Supreme Commander East, Prince Leopold of Bavaria (left side sitting, 3.v.v.), to the 15.12.1917;
Russian participants: Lew Kamenew, Adolf Abramowitsch Joffe, Anastasija Bicenko, Wassili Altvater (right side sitting, v.v.), Lipsky (standing right side, front) and Lew Karachan (right side standing, 3.v.v.);
the representative of Turkey Zeki Pasha, Kajetan Mérey of kapos-Mére, representative of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prince Leopold of Bavaria, General Max Hoffmann, Colonel Peter Gantschew, military representative of Bulgaria (left side sitting, v.v..

Persons in the Film

Kamenew, Lew Borissowitsch ; Gantschew, Peter ; Joffe, Adolf Abramowitsch ; Hoffmann, Max ; Altvater, Wassili ; Baraz , Mehmet Zeki ; Anastasow, Theodor ; Bicenko, Anastassija ; Karachan, Lew


Brest (Brest-Litowsk)


Eastern Front (World War I) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war




Non-fictional and Event Document (S)

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Der Waffenstillstand von Brest-Litowsk

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 04.01.1918

Censorship date: 09.02.1918

Censorship date: 19.01.1922


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