Pferdelazarett in Doncherry 1917


Shield: Sächs. Et. Horse hospital 234!Stop! Mange horses or mange suspects. Access here strictly forbidden... (Not very visible sign.)
1 subtitles: light sick horses on the way to the hospital.
Image: Horses be carried debris city with dominant church ruins in the center of the image;
Gateway to a building complex (hospital).
2. subheads: Terminally ill horses marketed by carrier in the Hospital (former French Cavalry barracks).
Image: Wagon with horse in truck rolls to gate.
3. subtitles: The sick horses are examined and paid the corresponding departments.
Image: on the patio: horses in line abreast, each held the reins;
individual horses are led away by men in white coats (doctors or assistants), pan across the courtyard.
4. subtitles: Translation: Alas for him, which groom here badly. French slogan painted image: on whitewashed barn wall.
Horses (in Very much long series side by side) will be groomed before livestock buildings.
5. subheads: Stables.
Image: Grooming of horses inside a barn, medical matters, considered individual horses;
Appeal on courtyard: medical matters, examines a single horse.
6 subheads: blood collection for the purpose of detection on suspicion of snot.
Image: Blood Horse, specimen to tube is held close in front of camera.
7 subtitles: Treatment of eye suffering end horse.
Image: In the eye of a horse given, then briefly painted in drops.
8 subtitles: dental treatment - files from a damaged tooth. Image: A large vise design is tied a horse to the mouth;
a doctor (-helpers) quite coarse introduces an oversized file in the mouth, horse flees backward a few steps, although it held by two nurses.
the second attempt is filed then intensively (treatment has a very coarse).
9 subtitles: Connect of a foal.
Image: A foal is held by several assistants and is connected to the front left leg.
10 subtitles: HUF cancer surgery. 1) disuade 2) flipping of the horse.
Image: inside a barn building: A horse gets a syringe, a carrying harness is applied, then killed the horse;
Horses are groomed (shot from behind, logical connection in this setting is unclear).
11 subtitles: Mangy foal is sheared.
Image: Shorn is with a relatively fine shearing machine at the neck of the foal.
12 intertitles: Introducing mange horse at the sweat furnace (temp.: 120 degrees Celsius). Image: Mold running backwards in wooden crate (furnace), head protrudes from the opening.
13 subtitles: Convalescent horses in the pasture.
Image: Wild running around horses, hoof control: a blacksmith working on a rear hoof, files, inserts new iron;
Horses are facing a slogan written on a whitewashed building wall: you and I are creature. Man and horse has the same pain. Also his blood flows for your stove.


Horse ; Sanitary (first world war) ; German Reich (DtR) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr) ; First world war




Military Film (S)

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Pferdelazarett in Doncherry

Pferdelazarett in Donchéry (Other title)

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 01.01.1917

Censorship date: 01.09.1917

Censorship date: 26.10.1921


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