Oesel genommen 1917


1. part 1 subtitles: embarkation of troops in Libau.
Image: troop carrier in the port of Libau.
2. subtitles: The troop transport ships await their use.
Image: troop carrier in the port of Libau.
3. subtitles: torpedo boat flotillas.
Image: VI. torpedo boat flotilla in the port.
4. subheads: aircraft motherships.
Image: Pan along a vessel;
Seaplane tender "Santa Elena" sea;
Float plane water temp in the vicinity of the vessel;
Sailor gives nod signals.
5. the preparations for the company begin with the loading of lorries on the transport ship.
Image: Cranes lift trucks on board;
including a kitchen car.
6 subheads: Light and heavy artillery will disappear inside the huge transport steamer.
Image: Cranes lift light and heavy guns on board.
7 subtitles: Horses are brought on board by carrying boxes.
Image: Cranes transport the horses in crates on board.
8 subtitles: Troops awaiting their embarkation. Image: Troops wait at the marine port authority;
assembled rifles;
the first soldiers beyond derricks on board.
9 subtitles: Battalion to battalion comes on board.
Image: Soldiers beyond derricks on board;
Soldiers go below deck.
10 subtitles: The field kitchen on board.
Image: food output of a field kitchen on board.
11 subtitles: Vans leave the port of Libau.
Photo: Exit the troop transport from the port of Libauer, disembark from taken;
Encounter with the cruisers "Danzig" and "Emden II".
12 subtitles: The port gate.
Image: Passing the port gate;
Soldiers on the deck.
13 subtitles: dispatch boat takes back with greetings to the home.
Image: torpedo boat "T 132" brings back dispatches;
waving crew of the torpedo boat.
14 subtitles: on the ride through the minefields.
Image: Soldiers with life jackets on the deck.
15 intertitles: Ösel-Wiek course!
Image: Transmission of messages by wink - and flag signals.

2. part 1. Subtitles: Disembarkation of the troops and landing.
2. subheads: Capital ships in the direction of Ösel-Wiek.
"Moltke" image: Battlecruiser and battleship "King" on the trip to the island of Ösel.
3. subtitles: Full steam ahead.
Image: Steam rising from the chimneys.
4. subheads: Enlighten the zeppelins and flying.
Image: A seaplane and a Zeppelin fly over the convoy.
5. subheads: Heavy seas!
Image: ship of the line in heavy seas, waves hitting overboard.
6 subheads: before the island Saaremaa.
Image: Tagga Bay of the island in sight, by Board out.
7 subtitles: Cyclists squadrons to boot first.
Image: Loading of bicycles;
Settle the boats.
8 subtitles: Rôle of infantry. Image: Next settle the tenders with the cyclist companies;
Steam Pinnace drags the dinghies in a convoy to the island;
Boats from the infantry Board from seen;
Soldiers go by means of rope ladders aboard the boats;
Dinghies are towed in a convoy to the island.
9 subtitles: The landing.
Image: Seen the landing from the sea;
wide front of boats towards the island.
10 subtitles: Unload of the horses in Landungsprahme.
Image: Unload the horses;
a crane lifts the crates aboard and put them on the prams;
the horses in the prams;
the empty crates go back aboard;
seen the landing from the shore;
Sailors of Cruiser ¿Königsberg¿pull a prams ashore;
Horses run ashore.
11 subtitles: The first Russian prisoners.
Image: Taken prisoners in line.
German officers and naval officers walk down the front.
12 intertitles: Conquered sparks station. Photo: Group of small huts with radio mast;
Sailor Get up the roof and wave signals.
13 subtitles: The first night on Saaremaa.
Image: Van on the conquered radio station;
Camping (bivouac) on the beach.



Libau (Latvia) ; Saaremaa (Estonia)


First world war ; Eastern Front (World War I) ; Baltic States (Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Navy (Kriegsmarine)




Military Film (S)

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Oesel genommen

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 31.10.1917

Censorship date: 31.10.1917

Censorship date: 11.01.1918

Censorship date: 29.10.1921


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