Hochseefischerei der deutschen Marine 1918


1 subtitles: Our Navy defended not only our shores with great success, contributes significantly to the nutrition of the people by rain fishing.
2. subtitles: The trawler is made clear to expire, with coal...
Image: coal acquisition of barges in the harbor.
3. subtitles:... and with ice provided.
Picture: Shredding and acquisition of ice.
4. subheads: Exit.
Image: Running out of fish boat.
5. subheads: Encounter on the high seas.
Image: Encounter with German warships on the high seas.
6 subtitles: The 30 m-long NET is cast...
Image: Throwing out of the network.
7 subtitles:... and scissors boards which pull the net to the bottom, are left in the water.
Image: Scissors boards which prevent the supply to the sink are left in the water.
8 subtitles: After 6 hours the power is recovered.
Image: Retraction of the network.
9 intertitles: A catch of approximately 20 Hundredweights. Image: A Sailor opens the network, the content spills on the deck.
10 subtitles: The catch is sorted, taken out, washed and below decks on ice.
Image: The catch is sorted, taken out, washed and below decks on ice.
11 subtitles: Gulls, the constant companion of the fish Steamboat.
Image: Gulls, which follow the ship.
12 intertitles: Homecoming.
Image: Homecoming of the fish boat.
13 subtitles: The catch is deleted.
Image: Transfer of the catch list to an officer of the military;
the catch is cleared and weighed.
14 subtitles: The fish are crushed and salted a.
Image: Fish are crushed and salted a;
Loading of fish on horse-drawn vehicles.
15 intertitles: Smokehouse facilities.
Image: fish Smokehouse.
16 subtitles: Output of fish marine parts.
Image: Output of fishing on marine units.
17 subtitles: Shipping to dealers.
Image: Shipping to dealers;
Officers of the volunteer war e.V., Abbot. Deep-sea fishing, during the inspection of the catch.
18 subtitles: End.
BUFA-closing seal.


Naval War (World War I) ; German Reich (DtR) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Marine (German Reich, fleet, 1916-18) ; Germany (Empire, 1915-1918) ; First world war ; Military



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Hochseefischerei der deutschen Marine

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 13.08.1918

Censorship date: 11.02.1922


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