Der Flachs und seine Veredelung 1918


1 Act 1 subtitles: the harvest. The flax stalks are not cut, but struggled.
Image: Russian prisoners of war fighting flax stem under the supervision of a German soldier;
Children collect flax bundle, which assemble agricultural workers using a frame to dolls and top tie together;
the field with the flax dolls.
2. subheads: Flax is delivered by the farmers and weighed.
Image: Delivery of the flax with horse and carts.
3. subtitles: big business. Delivery of the flax plant by railway wagons and warehousing in barns.
Image: (Land) workers are in an open wagon and carry the flax bales with pitchforks in a barn.
4. intertitles: A bunch of flax of straw before editing.
Image: A woman with a bundle of flax of straw.
5. subheads: Pull-through of flax straw through corrugated ridges to strip off the seed pod of the stem and the untangling of flax straw. Image: Workers with head scarves pull narrow bundle of flat straw Combs;
a worker performs the same activity from (detail view).
6 subheads: Bundles of flax for the Retting.
Image: The flax is bundled and tied.
7 subtitles: The Retting of flax causes the dissolution of plant glue this to allow the mechanical separation of fibres from wood parts.
8 subtitles: Oldest form of Retting: the Tauröste, which leaves the roasting process, the Sun and the rain and dew. Duration: average 6-8 weeks.
Image: country workers put flax roasting on a field next to each other on the floor.
9 subtitles: Water Retting: the flax is roasted in cold or warm water.
Image: flax bundle are placed in a basin.
10 subtitles: The ready-roasted flax bundle be removed from the water tank.
Image: Loading the bundles of flax on a horse-drawn carriage.
11. Subtitles: The setting up of flax in chapels to dry.
12 intertitles: Retting of flax in the channel Retting after system Dr. Schneider.
13 subtitles: Placing of the roasting bundle in the box.
14 subtitles: The roasting box is reduced in the channel.
15 subheads:- and tons, which are filled with water, complaining, until the flax from water covered.
16 subtitles: Schematic representation of the trail, take the roasting box through the channel.
Image: trick shot.
17 subtitles: After the roasting box has made its way through the channel, the flax is ready-roasted and then wound up for further processing from the basement to the first floor (room).
18 subtitles: The moist roasted flax is taken out...
Image: Loading of flax on a small trolley.
19 intertitles: spread... and in a handful of big bundle to dry on rack trolleys.
20. Subtitles: Rack trolleys are pushed with damp flax in the drying apparatus.
21 subtitles: After the flax is dry within a few hours by moist, preheated, fans moving air, the hordes are brought out at the opposite end of the drying apparatus. This procedure allows you to process regardless of the season day and night flax.
22 subtitles: Dried, roasted flax is then bent into the folding machine.
Image: The flax is taken from the rack trolleys and into the folding machine.

2. Act 1 subheads: buckling of the flax plant, which the stems are broken.
: Image detail of the bend machine: the flax is placed in the machine and retracted;
and comes out at the other end.
2. intertitles: A handful of knick flax.
Image: A woman keeps buckling flax in the hands.
3. subtitles: The swing of the flax plant to stripping of bent wood particles from the fibers. Image: Workers in separate cabins.
4. subtitles: The prepared wings. Short, tangled fibers are recorded in the corrugated Ridge.
Image: A worker pulls the kinked flax through the corrugated Ridge.
5. subheads: The swing of the kinked flax on Schwingständen. (Cover paint the wooden knife on fiber bundles along.)
Image: A worker operates on a vibration machine;
several workers swing stands.
6 subheads: Swinging out of the flax on a different kind of swing stands.
Image: Women are working on swing stands;
Detailed view of the machine.
7 intertitles: A handful of flax curved from.
8 subtitles: The panting. The further elaboration of the curved flax in the Hackle machine, the combing out is always fine needle fields.
Image: Processing of flax in the Hackle machine, two women are active on this machine;
Detailed view.
9. Subtitles: Automatically operated Hackle machine: a of flax bundle into the holders are clamped on mechanical ways.
Image: A man is working on the automatic machine of Hackle;
the back of the machine of the Hackle.
10 subtitles: The transformer side. A triumph of engineering. Without the participation of man-made, open the holder and clamped the other end of the flax bundle, so that now the page previously included with the holder of the bundle can be combed out.
11 subtitles: The hand panting aims after the panting of the flax on the machine to share the fibers on the smallest and sort the small fiber bundles depending on the fineness.
Image: A woman at the hand of panting, pulling the flax a corrugated Ridge.
12 subtitles: The way of flax straw up to the Hechelflachs: straw flax, roasted flax, kink flax, swing flax, Hechelflachs.
Image: The various stages of the flax plant.

3. Act 1. Subtitles: Flax ausgehechelte is placed in the Anlegemaschine to be processed first to fiber bands.
Photo: Two women working at the Anlegemaschine, put the Hechelflachs on the machine;
Detailed view of the Anlegemaschine.
2. subtitles: The bands go through a system of stabilization, where they are always finer and more uniform.
3. subtitles: The way of the flax bands and the Anlegemaschine up to the Vorspinnmaschine.
Image: Expectant always fine flax belts.
4. subtitles: The Vorspinnmaschine that spins the narrowest band to the roving.
Image: The machine;
Yarn packages.
5. subtitles: The wet or Feinspinnmaschine, which refined the roving and finally puts it on the right strength (Fadennummer).
Image: A woman is working on the machine;
Detailed view of the machine.
6 subtitles: The waste generated while swinging - called tow - processed. You come first in the shaking machine to shake out the wood particles. Image: Two men on the shaking machine.
the tow is placed by a man in the machine;
and comes out at the other end, a woman takes it.
7 subtitles: A tow into the tow card in which are processed to bands; -These are processed in the same way as the bands made from bundles of flax.
Image: A woman is a tow in a machine.
8 subtitles: The yarn reel machine, in which the coil be wound down to strands, which is necessary for the subsequent drying.
Photo: Two women on the yarn reel machine.
a woman takes the yarn strands.
9 subtitles: Hanging of the wet-spun yarn strands in the slopes at ordinary temperature.
10 subtitles: The drying of wet-spun flax yarns on steam heated drum drying machines.
11 subtitles: Loosening of the strand of yarn for better drying on the drying machine. Image: Three men with the loosening of the strand of yarn, insert the lock into the dry machine;
Removal of the dried strand of yarn.
12 intertitles: Extracting of the flax yarns dispatch in the weaving.
Image: Packaging of flax yarn by means of a machine, Which one presses the yarns together.
13 subtitles: End


Production of materials ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Production ; First world war ; Technology ; Raw materials ; Agriculture ; Industry


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Der Flachs und seine Veredelung

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 01.01.1918

Censorship date: 27.03.1918

Censorship date: 31.08.1922


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