The German Federal Archives Terms of Use

The German Federal Archives’ digital film collections became accessible to the public on January 1, 2014 and is still in its expansion stage.

Researching the digital film collection, streaming videos, creating, managing and sharing favourites via bookmarks is free of charge for all users and does not require previous registration. A registration process will be implemented in the next stage of expansion. It will enable the user to create, manage and annotate specific collections within their own user account. The registration will also speed up the payment and order process faster and make it more convenient. Orders of copies are subject to a charge.

Task Allocation between the German Federal Archives and Business Partners

Transit Film/Stibo DX:
The German Federal Archives have signed a contract with Transit Film and Stibo DX concerning the distribution of the digital film collection and the licensing for the film and television industry, the press and entertainment industry. To publish an entire film or a clip this user group must pay a fee and must abide to Transit Films General Terms and Conditions.

German Federal Archives:
Non-profit scientific, private and official uses, as well as historical-political educational work are subject to the German Federal Archives’ Terms of Use, pursuant to the German Federal Archives Law and the corresponding regulations:

Copy Service:
Transit Film in conjunction with Stibo DX and PHAROS – The Post Group will supply licensees of Transit Film as well as users of the German Federal Archives with copies and stills. All technical services are thus indistinctively and exclusively subject to the range of services, fees and General Terms and Conditions of Transit Film.

Digital Film Collections — German Federal Archives Terms of Use

Anyone may order a copy of a video, but must receive the approval of the German Federal Archives, with regards to purpose and order size. Hence the order will not be immediately forwarded to the media server. HD-orders, for instance, are generally not released to users of the German Federal Archives, neither are an unusual amount of complete films or clips, since the recordings are available as a video stream on the website at any time. Uploading copies to video channels or websites with a free download for third parties is not permitted. The embedding of video links in third-party websites or the playing a video on an external video player is deliberately technically blocked, due to legal protection. The user may however publish a hyperlink to a video page within the digital film collection.

Order Procedure during the Expansion Stage

While we are transitioning we will not be able to meet or deliver orders using seamless communication until a later stage of our website expansion, when the entire communication is online, making it more user friendly and faster.

The search function enables the user to find films, which may be put into the favourites in its entirety or partially by using the video player’s cutting function. Users can bookmark their favourites in their browser and thus access them any time.

Order Request:
If you have a general question or an order request you can send an E-Mail with a link of your favourites or shopping cart to the German Federal Archives by choosing “my selection” in the menu. The order request is not a binding order with a payment obligation.

Usage Request:
When making an order request the user must, for now, also print out a copy of the usage request, fill in and sign the form and send it to us.

Link request for use

You can do so by mail, fax or E-Mail an attachment to our contact address.

Order Processing at the German Federal Archives:
Once the signed usage request has been received the German Federal Archives will process the order request. The German Federal Archives will immediately send an approval form to Transit Film, authorizing an order request in the approved scope and format. Processing times at the German Federal Archives may take 14 days, in exceptional cases even longer, until the complete approval procedure can be done online. The user will receive an E-Mail message concerning the approval of the request. Until then please refrain from contacting the German Federal Archives or Transit Film.

Copy Service

Transit Film is the exclusive contracting partner and contact for the copy service. After the German Federal Archives have issued an approval Transit Film will contact the user to arrange the binding commission, payment and a delivery deadline. Any additional order requires further approval by the German Federal Archives. A reduction of the already approved order may be arranged with Transit Film.

Delivery, Formats and Costs:
The user can order copies of videos in various resolutions and bit rates for download from the media server or Outgest onto media. Normally SD-masters are provided. Videos with HD-masters will be labeled as such on the website, and can be searched using a filter. The user will receive an E-Mail with a download link to the E-Mail address provided. Capability and speed of a download depend on the data load and the data transfer rate of the user’s internet connection. Alternatively the user can receive the order via mail on a data storage medium. A minimum order including processing fees must be paid even if the actual order, as approved by the German Federal Archives, may be shorter. Depending on the resolution of the desired format the basic charge for a download of a three-minute clip is between 30 EUR and 120 EUR. A recorded data storage carrier o f a clip of up to 10 minutes costs between 120 EUR and 180 EUR. Depending on the length and the type of data storage media there will be additional costs between 4 EUR and 300 EUR as well as packaging and shipping fees between 12 EUR and 80 EUR. Transit Film’s price sheet in the cost calculator lists formats and prices for copies. Please contact Transit Film for the pricing of special formats. In a later stage of our website expansion it will be possible to download videos directly from our website, which will also be less costly.

On-screen Display and Context Information on the Copies:
All copies that are approved by the German Federal Archives contain a logo, as seen on the video player on the website. We reserve the right to add an on-screen time code. Each clip also contains a half title indicating the source. Any publication must use this half title when acknowledging the source, which is mandatory. The header of the video data contains technical and comparable descriptive metadata to categorize the content.