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Friedrich Ebert, Bilder aus seinem Leben

Image: Friedrich Ebert speaks to soldiers, calling out, everyone remove their hats or caps and stretch them 3 times in the air. Image: more men talk to the crowd. Image: Friedrich Ebert holds out a speech from a balcony, comes from the Empire day[…]
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Opel-Deulig-Ufa-Wochenschau-Sujets aus den 20er Jahren

1 subtitles: Clärenore Stinnes, the daughter of the late industrialist of Hugo Stinnes, occurs - followed by their four-legged favourites - their morning ride on image: Stinnes increases with their three dogs in the convertible and drives off. 2.[…]
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Header: Picture: hand-operated a movie camera, blending from a revolving globe, moving car and train, as well as a starting airplane missing intertitles in image: scenes of a Chinese parade 1 subheads: it will be spring again. The linden breezes[…]
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Stresemann - Tonfilm-Interview 1925

Image: Gustav Stresemann outdoor standing in front of the camera. Speech in the interview: "I pronounce my best wishes of cinematographic and photographic exhibition, which opens today, to its history and for the success of the event. This[…]
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Emelka-Deulig-Wochenschau-Sujets (seit 1925)

Subtitles missing image: A group of hot air balloons on a meadow and gentlemen, look at them. A hot-air balloon flying through the air, another just takes off. Intertitle is missing![…]
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Deutschland in Trauer

The funeral of the late Empire Foreign Minister Dr. Stresemann. (Emelka week special service v. 07.10.1929 175 m) Last recording Stresemann, bust with light-coloured hat. Body Stresemann laid out (in the Parliament). Funeral service before and in[…]
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Emelka-Woche Nr. 37, 1929

1 subtitles: The Rhineland is granted - outcome of the Hague Conference (Hague Conference on August 6, 1929, with Dr. Stresemann) image: the participants in the Conference to a large table 2. intertitles: the Centre meets - Katholikentag in[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 172/1953

1 Frankfurt: election Congress of the SPD Congress Hall on the fairgrounds (title underground). SPD flag. Shield SPD between chestnut trees. Ollenhauer entered building upon arrival. Invasion of the flags. Erich Ollenhauer speaks. Actuality:[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 222/1954

01 Geneva: East Asia Conference cityscape Pan total. In the background of high fountain. Roadway, road transport. The Brasserie Bavaria, once meeting place of diplomats of the League of Nations. Menu of the Brasserie Bavaria. Caricatures of[…]
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Welt im Bild 119/1954

01 Conference participants sign upon completion of the London Act completion of the London nine powers Conference and Government statement of Chancellor Adenauer. Paul Henry Spaak signed for Belgium. Lester Pearson signed for Canada, Mendès France[…]
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UFA-Dabei 803/1971

Peace Nobel Prize for review of Willy Brandt, Willy Brandt and his Ostpolitik Oslo: Airport: Willy Brandt in the throng. Departure in the car. Driving scenes through Oslo. Various buildings. University total and interior shots, Traforanfahrt on[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 208/1971

1 Hamburg: Knut Kiesewetter sings "A to" Knut Kiesewetter close-up. Knut Kiesewetter sings "A man", big. Sings driving record before modern facades with band, immediately, before sunset, before moving from ship in the harbour. 02. Oslo: upon[…]
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UFA-Dabei 891/1973

01 Cannes: powerboat race "Golden Dolphin" large motor boats. Bay of Cannes. Kick-off. The boats on the route. Various recordings. The boat No. 9 by Carlo Bonomi, last year's winner. The boat No. 333 of Publisher Mondadori. No. 4 Belestrieri. ZL[…]
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