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UFA-Dabei 964/1975

01 Hamburg: Elbtunnel report with opening. Inauguration by pedestrian audience. Helmut Schmidt is on the lectern. He talks o-ton: "so this was so at the time, 1967 or 68, as construction work on the tunnel put out were also Hein and Maris from[…]
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UFA-Dabei 984/1975

This traffic: City-S-Bahn the Jungfernstieg, Hamburg's renowned Boulevard, was expanded to the largest transportation hub of in Germany. On five levels of traffic, the Hanseatic League can choose gear other transportation since this week below the[…]
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UFA-Dabei 992/1975

This policy: Hamburg an anglophile to a political 'Flying visit' landed England's Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Hamburg. Hanseatic cordially received the German Chancellor - with the obligatory Prinz-Heinrich-Mütze - the British head of State.[…]
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UFA-Dabei 1038/1976

01 Hamburg: Edward Gierek in Germany of Hamburg's Mayor H. U. Klose, Edward Gierek and Helmut Schmidt, all next to each other immediately. Front abschreiten. Soldiers. The flags of both countries. Gierek visited the Memorial Neuengamme with Mrs.[…]
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UFA-Dabei 1040/1976

01 Hamburg: Texaco pilot girls girl running in a park. Girls large, close. Girl Christiane in the kitchen in her room in the bath house in the shower with a friend at the walk through the town, in the Cafe at the University well with students.[…]
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