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Opel-Woche 18 (seit 1926)

1 subtitles: Grand Prix of Karlshorst. Abroad on a German obstacle course appears for the first time after the war. Photo: Impressions of a Racecourse. People who watch the launch. 2. subheads: Jockey of E. Haley, one of the most successful[…]
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Emelka-Woche 48 (seit 1929)

1 subtitles: Housewives in the school. The House women's Club teaching pattern school about the merits of the electric household. Image: various electrical devices as the pressure cooker, a meat grinder, and the electric hot plate are audience[…]
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Emelka- u. Tobismelofilmwochenschau Einzelsujets ca.1928-1931

1 subtitles: French Ministers visit to Berlin - Laval and Briand reciprocate the visit of German Minister in Paris (Tobis-Melofilm) image: Laval and Briand come out of a building (28.9.1931). Welcome by the crowd, Polizeisperern hold back the[…]
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