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Die österreichisch-ungarische Kriegsmarine im Weltkrieg

Image: Launch and start a flying boat 1 subheads: headlight signals. © Film image: Aboard a warship: signaling with headlights. 2. subheads: inside the Dynamo. © Film image: Man operated system. 3. subtitles: Anchoring and weighing of the anchor.[…]
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Hochseefischerei der deutschen Marine

1 subtitles: Our Navy defended not only our shores with great success, contributes significantly to the nutrition of the people by rain fishing. 2. subtitles: The trawler is made clear to expire, with coal... Image: coal acquisition of barges in[…]
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Der mißglückte englische Handstreich auf Zeebrügge

1 subtitles: English attempts to block the harbor traffic, failed as the wide fairway. Already outside the Harbor, the enemy armed merchantman came to sink. Image: coastal landscape with Drathindernissen at Zeebrugge. 2. subtitles: Five English[…]
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Probefahrt zweier Marine-Luftschiffe

1 subtitles: The airship is brought out of the Hall. Image: "L 60" and "L 35" are drawn from the airship sheds and brought to the launch site. 2. subheads: Rise. Image: Rise of airships. 3. subtitles: on the ride. Image: airship travels over the[…]
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S.M. Hilfskreuzer "Wolf"

Return of the Hilfskreuzers "Wolf" after 15 cruise in the Atlantic, Indian, and silent Ocean; 1. Officer, Kapitänleutnant Schmehl, on the navigating bridge; Entering the port of Kiel on the 23.02.1918, beckoning people on the pier; Admiral[…]
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Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine

"U 1", the first German submarine, built in 1905-06; Ships of the Kaiser class; Ship of the line "Nassau", launched in 1908 in Kiel; Ship of the East Friesland class; Cruiser "Karlsruhe", launched in 1912, sank on the 04.11.1914 in the[…]
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Deutsches U-Boot auf Kaperfahrt

Submarine is aboard; alongside the U boat Wohnschiffes in the Kiel Harbour the Commander comes down the gangway; Acquisition of torpedoes and provisions; Exit the submarine; on patrol; a rah sailing schooner is made unless the crew on board and of[…]
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Filmdokumente zur Geschichte der deutschen Marine Teil I: Kaiserliche Marine 1907-1920, "U 35" im Mittelmeer 1917

1 subtitles: U-35 in 1917 2nd Mediterranean intertitles: clear to the stage race. Image: Commander translated into the dinghy on U-35, which lies alongside the Austro-Hungarian Wohnschiffes; Exit, passed on the four Austro-Hungarian large torpedo[…]
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