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Deutschlandspiegel 83/1961

01 Bad Hersfeld Festival Highway Hamburg-Munich. Total: Bad Hersfeld. Cityscape: Old half-timbered houses, cars on the road. The Renaissance town hall with fountains and image of the Bishop Lullus. The oldest House (14th century). Various settings[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 91/1962

01 Lübke in Austria Vienna: wrought iron gate, behind the Palace of Belvedere. Federal President Dr Lübke visited Palace with his wife. Dr Lübke when viewing different paintings. Treasury in the Hofburg: Dr Lübke, half close, considered German[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 99/1963

1 Watt postman a, b Nordfriesiche coast. Fishing boats in the harbour. Low tide, the 80-year Heinrich Liermann (help postman) goes with stock and backpack through the mudflats on the way between Pellworm and Süderoog. Liermann, close with Cap.[…]
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