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Friedrich Ebert, Bilder aus seinem Leben

Image: Friedrich Ebert speaks to soldiers, calling out, everyone remove their hats or caps and stretch them 3 times in the air. Image: more men talk to the crowd. Image: Friedrich Ebert holds out a speech from a balcony, comes from the Empire day[…]
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Politische Ereignisse in München 1918/1919

Poster with call of an authority: barrel army good versus reward to submit. Soldiers with a steel helmet, some with French steel helmet, with rifles at the ready on a scaffold. Munich: business houses with shot shop Windows and fronts in the[…]
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Die Gründungsfeier der deutschen Republik

Picture: Berlin: Population flocks to a rally Forced: Reich President Ebert leaves the Reichstag building Picture: Friedrich Ebert and Companion (among others Reich Chancellor Cuno) go down steps of the Reichstag, Prepass of Reichswehr units[…]
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NSDAP-Treffen in Essen 1926

Image: The station forecourt in the sign of the swastika. In front of the station, scaffolding with swastika, kidnaped in uniform and civilians leave the railway station building. Church of SA; SA column with flag on the March. Meeting in the[…]
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