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Der Kapp-Putsch in Berlin

Columns of soldiers, accompanied by a large crowd of civilians marching under den Linden Boulevard, the Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz and the Reich Chancellery; mounted officers, including General Walther Lüttwitz, which cheers a crowd at the[…]
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Europamagazin II

European dance: traditionally dressed dance group on stage of the Hamburg Music Hall, reactions of other dance groups on current program, Italian dance group on stage, applause of the audience. (00:00:20-00:01:28) opens: "Ambassador of the[…]
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Israel, Staat der Hoffnung

Fishing with nets and simple wooden boat on the beach of the sea of Galilee. Tel Aviv: Established "45 years" ago. Immigration to Palestine: Zionist, refugees. Traffic control; Street scene from Tel Aviv, close-up of immigrants from different[…]
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Biennale 1958

A cross-section of German weekly news posts (Italian commentary)
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