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Messter-Woche: Einzelsujets 1915-1918

1 subtitles: war stories from the East. 2. subtitles: German train columns at the blown-up new Vistula bridge, the recently up after seven years of construction, with a million and was completed. 3. subtitles: Apart from the blown-up cottage[…]
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Messter-Woche 6 1915

1 subtitles: Berlin: the anniversary S.M.. of the German Emperor, a tribute concert was Instead of at the victory column. Image: tribute concert on the occasion of the 56th birthday Kaiser Wilhelms II. on the 27.01.1915; Playing Chapel, musician[…]
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Messter-Woche 1915 - 1918

1 subtitles: English prisoners from the recent fighting are catered for. Image: British soldiers are in the internment camps in queue to the Board; upon receipt, they come out again with soup dishes out of the building, go to the camera. 2.[…]
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Wiederertüchtigung schwerbeschädigter Industriearbeiter

1 subtitles: Work with prosthesis on the lathe. Image: An amputee soldier at work with prosthetic arm on the lathe. 2. subheads: Rosset claw. Image: The prosthesis different devices are mounted, like for example the Rosset claw; Close-ups of the[…]
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Messter-Woche 23 (1918)

01.Berlin: Funeral for the late Reichstag President Dr. Kaempf. -after the celebration in the Reichstag building, the deceased was Matthäikirchhof. Death date: 25 May 1918 02.Leipzig: -With the help of proven front-line aircraft, the airfield[…]
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