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Reichskanzler Graf Hertling im Großen Hauptquartier

Georg Graf von Hertling, Chancellor of the Reich arrives with a motorcade in the large headquarters in Bad Kreuznach; Briefing with staff officers in the open air; Walk and exit the car.
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Deutschlandspiegel 429/1990

01-external aspects of German unity EC driving Special Summit in Dublin the 2 + 4 Conference in Bonn double-decker bus around Dublin. City images. Map of EC with Germany. Arrival politician. Car ride. Mitterrand gets out of car. Arrival of Kohl[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 436/1991

01 Berlin: Resurrection Symphony Potsdamer Platz, site of a concert with 8 choirs from all over Europe and 5 orchestras. Lorin Maazel, close-up, conducts Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony in c minor the resurrection Symphony. Christa Ludwig sings. The[…]
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