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Haile Selassie in Deutschland

On the 8.11.1954, the train in the station is running Bonn with the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, which is on a State visit to Germany. German President Heuss and Chancellor Adenauer Government members expect the high guest. Greeting of the[…]
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Partner der Freiheit 1957

United States, New York propeller before clouds, indoors in the aircraft: Konrad Adenauer in conversation with Felix von Eckardt, Adenauer in conversation with the captain in the pulpit, aerial photographs of New York, Adenauer leaves accompanied[…]
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Weil es vernünftig ist

Destroyed cities after the end of the second world war, cleanup, clean bricks, men beat pegs for the fastening of dikes in the ground, destroyed industrial facilities, including mines, miners at work in the coal shaft, manufacture of steel. Map[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 434/1990

The German unit 01 Bonn on 3 October 1990 marketplace full of people. Flags of the large federal States. People celebrate German unity. Schwerin: Castle Berlin: Unter den Linden. Crowd. Folk dance. Mrs o-ton: "I think that it is a Very much more[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 446/1991

01. with the Elbe Steamboat travelling chimney by Elbe Steamboat. Tooting. Smoke rises. Move to hull is named Dresden. Passengers on steamers. Map of river Hamburg to Dresden. Shore leave in Dresden. City images with Semperoper, Zwinger, Castle[…]
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