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Deulig-Woche / Opel-Wochenschau / UFA-Wochenschau - Einzelsujets (seit 1927)

1.Berlin-Grünau. Rowing on the river Spree, double aft and aft during the training. (Deulig) 2.England. Sailors of sailing down (three masted) in athletic exercises in the yards and on board. (Opel) 3.Frankfurt a.M. award-winning Opel car in[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 19/1956

01 city washing Öttingen and Gunzenhausen: jammed water of the moats is passed through streets. Children and adults with buckets and brooms for street cleaning. Boy empty rubber boots. Windows are cleaned. Boy is fully filled with water. (19 m,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 171/1968

01 Hubertus hunting a, b, c Hamburg: Riding on horses, half-close. Rider on horse with Fox slogan on the saddle. Riders with Fox slogan rides ahead. Hounds of the Foxhounds. Equestrian riding terrain. Dogs jump over the ditch, ZL. Horse jumps over[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 180/1969

01 springboard a, b Reutlingen: German Championships in the art - and diving. Two jumpers, ZL, immersion. Two jumpers, ZL, immersion. The women's springboard diving: Regina Krause, jumps and dives, ZL, she wins. Audience clapping, close. Diving[…]
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