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Treibriemen aus Pappe und Eisen

1 subtitles: Fessler-belt is a composite of rolled leather cardboard and steel by means of rivets strap that provides a virtually proven, durable replacement for leather straps. He is purely German make completely independent of foreign raw[…]
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Extraausgabe der Meester Woche (1918-1933)

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Deutscher Seeflugwettbewerb 1926 und Großflugtag in Kiel 1929

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Deulig-Wochenschau Sujets (1918-1933)

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Deulig-Woche 1922 - 1932

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Der Abschied der Nürnberger Postillione 1921

Image: Parade of single - and multiple-span carriage through the streets of Nuremberg. View of the Nuremberg Castle. Equestrian groups working their way through an enthusiastic crowd in traditional costumes. Moving with the music.
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