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Please note that this website is continually updated. Details and information regarding available film material and entries are regularly revised, corrections are made if necessary. To facilitate your search for materials it is our utmost concern to provide you with detailed information as quick as possible. We do our best to enable you to view the film works for your research and order the film material and/or individual images.

Our website offers World War I Era (1914-1918) films from the German Federal Archives Collection. Some of these are:

  • Official footage
  • War newsreels
  • War bond propaganda films
The material contains about 120 films with a runtime of more than 21 hours.

The web portal also presents films from the Weimar Republic era (1919-1933). These works focus on:

  • Weekly newsreels (e.g. Messter-Woche, UFA-Wochenschau, Deulig-Woche and Emelka-Woche)
  • Official productions (commissions)
Approx. 100 films from this era, with a total running time of more than 12 hours, are available online. The content of the selected films covers a broad spectrum of the Weimar Republic in moving images, ranging from important political events in Germany and abroad, to events from sports and culture.

In addition our website offers access to Federal German newsreels and works that had been commissioned by the Federal Press Office between 1945-1999. Among them are:

  • Newsreels (Welt im Bild, Welt im Film, Neue Deutsche Wochenschau, Die Zeit unter der Lupe, UFA-Wochenschau, El Mundo)
  • Deutschlandspiegel and other Federal Press Office magazines and documentaries.
This website provides you with the option to view and research the detailed information of more than 2,300 film works from 1945-1999 with a runtime of more than 500 hours. 100 hours of these are already available in HD.

The description of our film collections provides you with an overview of the footage that is available on this website.

Films and newsreels from the years 1933 - April 1945 from the Federal Archives’ stock are currently not available on this website. These materials will become available online as soon as the digitization and processing are complete.

This includes:

  • Sound film weekly newsreels (e.g. UFA-Ton-Woche, Deutsche Wochenschau, Deulig-Ton-Woche)
  • Documentary films
For inquiries regarding research and material please contact the German Federal Archives:

For matters relating to the licensing of the clips please contact Transit Film:

Terms that are considered racist and discriminating today have been removed from the texts as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to erase this kind of offensive terminology from voiceovers. Hence we ask you to please excuse the outmoded terminology. Speech that was common back then seems offending from today’s point of view, but in the end it must be accepted as an unfortunate historical fact. The German Federal Archives and Transit Film GmbH hereby formally distance themselves.

Anyone can research and view the streaming files, without having to register first.

Transit Film is the contact for clients from the film and television industries, the press, PR and entertainment. The German Federal Archives are in charge of non-profit scientific, private and official uses as well as historical-political educational work.

If you have questions or would like to place an order please use the appropriate contact form to get in touch with either Transit Film or the German Federal Archives.


On our homepage you will find a Showreel and the category “Current Events in the Rear-View-Mirror”. In this category we have editorially paired historical events in current topic suggestions with matching film works from the German Federal Archives collection.


In addition to the prompt search access on our homepage we offer several search options, which you may use separately or combined for your research:

  • A “simple search” as full text search of all detailed information of a film work
  • An “advanced search” option as a specific search in selected fields of the detailed information
  • A filter that allows you to search by individuals, entities, locations and subject matters
  • A catalogue of film works for an alphabetic search.

Begin your search with a full text search. To get more specific results go directly to “advanced search” and limit the period in which you want to search.

Narrow your results by limiting your research for films in 2K, HD or in colour.

You can also combine all search options. The more keywords are entered into the advanced search the more specific your search results will be. Use simple and descriptive keywords. For example: Kennedy or Berlin. With „+“ and „-“ you can add or exclude any number of keywords:

To add: +1963 +city hall…
To exclude: -assassination…

When you go to the details of a film it is possible to jump to specific scenes or to the beginning of a specific story (play scene /play story) by clicking on the pertinent keyframe.

Specify a film clip

With the help of our editing software you have the option to specify clips or stills by using frame accuracy. Simply choose the “scissors” in the select field.

Please cut some Handles at the beginning and the end of each clip!

  • In order to specify a film clip you can set an “IN” and “OUT” point over the “filmstrip”. Your excerpt will be placed in the film clip list on the right.

  • With the “camera” you can place the current frame as a still in the film clip list on the right.

The maximal resolution for exported images is 72 dpi.

SD material:
720 x 576 Pixel

HD material:
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2K material:
2048 x 1556 Pixel

In order to access your film clips and/or still at a later time please put your selection into the favourites.


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PHAROS – The Post Group will deliver all orders.

We reserve the right to decline individual orders.

How to Order Preview Files

Clients of Transit Film may receive preview material with the Federal Archives Logo and TC free of charge (mp4-container format). Select the clips you want and add them to the shopping cart. Select “Internet/Preview formats“ when you e-mail your request.

Cost Calculator

Our prices and fees for the use of the film material from this website is calculated as follows:

  • Film and television, press, PR and entertainment projects incur licensing fees, technical fees (copy service) and shipping costs, if any. Find more information about the ordering process right here.

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  • Non-profit scientific, private and official uses as well as historical-political educational work only incur technical costs (copy service) and shipping costs, if any.

    Link rate sheet copy service (PDF)

Until our online payment system is set up you will receive an invoice from Transit Film, providing that your order was approved. In individual cases the German Federal Archives may incur costs as well, which would generate a separate invoice.


Footage ordered through our website will be provided and delivered by PHAROS – The Post Group.

  • Download: The ordered film clips, films or stills will be transcoded into the desired format and are available via a link provided by You will receive an E-Mail with the login information. The server will automatically delete your order within 48 hours. Longer server provisioning time must be arranged on a per case basis. Access data to download the preview files is available for 1 week.
  • Physical data storage media: whenever physical data storage media is ordered PHAROS – The Post Group will take care of production and shipping.

You will receive a message once the material is available for you (download and physical data storage media).

Film Collections

The Film Collections provides an overview of the footage that is available on this website.


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